VB6 - Copy to clipboard all MSFlexgrid 1 cells

Hi all

I would like to copy to clipboard just by double clicking in the grid all cells.

Is there a way to do this? can i also copy to clip board so that when i past it, it as borders for all cells value?

Thanks again
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Martin LissConnect With a Mentor Older than dirtCommented:
Here then is the only way that I can think of that will allow you to do what you want.

1. Open Excel from your VB6 app and create a new workbook
2. Write the data to a sheet in the workbook
3. Using code, append that sheet as an attachment to the email. (I've done this so I can help)
4. After your user saves the attachment, use code (that you'll have to add) to grab the data from the sheet and either paste into into a sheet in users workbook or into his form.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Do you want a picture of the grid or do you want the data? If you want the data, does it matter to you how it is stored?
Wilder1626Author Commented:
I was already using the picture as below:

Clipboard.SetData CaptureForm(Me)

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But i would like to have it as DATA.

If i can keep the same look as in the grid, that would be the best way.

Just like a spreadsheet look.

Is that possible?
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
No, I don't believe that that is possible. You can store the data as, say, a CSV file but you would have to use code to bring the data back into the grid (if that's what you want to do). Actually it would help if you could describe exactly what you want to accomplish. I know you said "it as borders for all cells value" but I'm not sure what that means.
Wilder1626Author Commented:
What i wanted to do is something like this:

Let say that in the grid, i have:
grid value
so when i would click inside the grid, it would be able to copy the content of the grid in the same look and format to past it in an email for example:
final result
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
OK now I understand. What was wrong with using a picture?
Wilder1626Author Commented:
i need the email receiver to be able to copy paste the data of the email so that they don't type it manually in a request form, and at the same time have the risk of any typo that could create system error.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
I don't believe you can do that but let me ask you one more question. What does the user paste the data into? Another flexgrid? Or Excel? Or?
Wilder1626Author Commented:
They past it into an Excel form
Wilder1626Author Commented:
Let me think here a little more.

I'm also thinking that i can use a List box with the information's

  List1.AddItem "Rate already in TMS"
    List1.AddItem ""
    List1.AddItem "Carrier ID: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 0)
    List1.AddItem "From origin: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 1)
    List1.AddItem "To destination: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 3)
    List1.AddItem "Effective date: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 5)
    List1.AddItem "Service com.: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 6)
    List1.AddItem "Invalid date: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 14)
    List1.AddItem "Rate group: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 15)
    List1.AddItem "Radial rate: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 16)
    List1.AddItem "Radial rate max stop(s): " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 17)
    List1.AddItem "Variable rate: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 22)
    List1.AddItem "Rate type: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 23)
    List1.AddItem "Fix charge: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 24)
    List1.AddItem "Unload rate: " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 27)
    List1.AddItem "Max stop(s): " & MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.TextMatrix(MSHFlexGrid_effective_rates.Row, 28)
    List1.AddItem ""
    List1.AddItem "-------------------------------------------"

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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
OK, I'm a bit confused about how that helps but let me know if I can do anything more for you.
Wilder1626Author Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help. I will get both options. Yours with the sheet as an attachment if i have multiple records in the grid and if i only have 1 row of data, i will use the list box details that would give me a result like this as an examp:

Carrier ID: H&RTRAN
From origin: BRANDON
To destination: T3J 4X7
Effective date: 20130521
Service com.: SINGLE
Invalid date: 20150422
Rate group: 004-19-1977
Radial rate:
Radial rate max stop(s): 5
Variable rate: 2.24
Rate type: Per mile
Fix charge: .00
Unload rate: 2.24
Max stop(s): 7

Thanks again for all your help.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
You're welcome.
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