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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
I know does not answer directly to your question, but is something we should bear in mind: the solar cycle and the skin cancer, with possible maximums of ultraviolet radiation for the present year.
Around each 11 years a maximum is expected.

From here:

"The sun is currently ramping up once again to solar maximum, so flares and CMEs are more common than they were a few years ago. This cycle may peak in late 2013, or early 2014, and should reach a minimum around 2020—although predictions about the sun's cycle are still quite uncertain. This has been the slowest sunspot cycle of the space age, which is the time frame during which we have the most detailed observations."

My advice: pay attention to your skin during the summer time of the present year, and maybe next year more than you did in the previous years.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
viki2000: some numbers about how much more UV radiation there will be?
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lucavillaAuthor Commented:
viki2000: interesting general infos but why we on the Earth should be adviced to worry about a maximum variation of 1 out 1365 between the highest peak of the 11yrs cycle and the minimum peak?
We cannot predict exactly the moment of peaks, we only observed some cycles.
We also cannot predict the time of the maximum peak during solar explosions and the maximum radiation of UV which will come. We can only measure it when arrives.
There is enough skin burning during normal summer Sun and enough skin cancer results.
You do not need to expose yourself more when we expect the maximum UV radiation compared with the rest of the years.
An unpredicted big explosion can destroy also the satellites due to electromagnetic interference.
It is better to know and avoid if you can.
I can tell you with certitude that also the UV light from solar beds, solar studios are harmful.
I worked in a factory where we produced UV lamps and I know about the radiation instability of the lamps.
In Europe, few years ago, if I remember right 2010, due to continuous warning of the doctors in media regarding the skin cancer, a new limit of UV radiation of the lamps for sun studios was adopted, the standard was changed with lower limits and one of my colleagues had to travel to different customers in different European countries to change the lamps with new type lower radiation and to measure the radiation for different beds.
Then, if at what we theoretical can "control" are so many problems, what do you expect at the Sun when goes trough maximum of radiation, when a "normal" summer time can burn your skin if you do not pay attention?
I can search more numbers and references if you are interested, but I do not have too much tome now.
Just take it as a big warning for the moment.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
I  really doesn't understand why I should consider these <0.1% peaks in my worries, as in past the peaks never surpassed 0.1% difference with the minimum.

It's like to put a "big warning" signal where the swim is 10.01m deep in a 10m deep swimming pool that has already a "warning" signal because of the depth.
That 1mm difference on 10m is superfluous.
One of your link explains that the problem exists only out of the terrestrial atmosphere.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
because out of the terrestrial atmosphere the difference is much bigger than 0.1%
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