Are there hosted Outlook options for various ISP POP mail?

I have a unique scenario where a company executive would like to use Outlook to access Earthlink email while on the corporate network.  However, the corporate network security policy prohibits running Outlook SMTP to POP mail from an external ISP.  Of course there is web mail with Earthlink but it has low quota limits and cannot reference archived email (PST).  Are there any providers of solutions to host any ISP domain email so that you can have the full Outlook experience?  Something that will allow web access to Outlook (OWA) with archive functionality?  Thanks for any insight or creative ideas for this dilemma.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Probably the easiest solution is to use a gmail or mail and have it get/sendhe mail for you.   This will give you a huge storage space.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Hosted Outlook is Exchange. I have not seen Hosted POP in the way you mean.

I have one client where they restrict the use of POP email for the employees.  But I am a consultant for them, so there is a firewall exception for my machine. Can you do that for your CEO?
davisAuthor Commented:
a Firewall exception was made for a while but with the understanding that it was temporary.  the argument against using SMTP for any machine inside the network is that if it were compromised and used to send SPAM the corp DNS could be blacklisted.  An understandable security risk...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First, a firewall exception can be made permanent - my exception is.

Second, you need to work with your CEO to ensure EarthLink has spam control in place that will prevent most attacks. Make sure the Anti Virus is top notch as well.

There is nothing to prevent an Exchange user from clicking on a bogus link and compromising your network, so the argument your organization uses has not been fully explored.

If your CEO is a sensible and careful person, there probably is not much excess risk. If they are not careful, then you may wish to assert the security argument and ask them to use Web Mail for their own mail.
davisAuthor Commented:
In my experience, the greatest info-security risks can be with the company executives.  In addition to having access to sensitive company data, they somehow seem to become the victim of malware/viruses.  Unfortunately, the security dept is taking down the SMTP connection, no exceptions.  i'm just trying the help the executive find a viable option.  gmail or appears the best option.  Thanks very much for all comments!
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