ASP.NET c# code for creating a folder on remote webserver from an web application in localhost

One of my web applications written on ASP.NET C# code running from my local system (of course of internet on) requires a subfolder to be created e.g Info_Attachments folder located in the wwwroot folder of mysite. I know the IP address of webserver of my website.
Is it possible? If so, how should I go about
Srinivas ManthaConsultant Anesthesiologist and Pain PhysicianAsked:
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Go to the folder "Info_Attachments" in windows explorer, right click on it and in security tab give permission to the "web Site user" write pemission. To test this with,  you can try by write permission to every one.
Is it going to a dynamic folder, for different users ?
Srinivas ManthaConsultant Anesthesiologist and Pain PhysicianAuthor Commented:
Yes. It is a dynamic folder with name unique to a record. For e.g. Combination of date,primary key and random number and the folder name will be as 20140215_106_587402. I do not understand by what you mean by 'for different users'?
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Different users mean, different users who login into your site.

It is always good to create folder under your site.  
Basically to create a folder you should give the IIS_user the permission to create folder. Or you should impersonate the user only for this functionality of the code.
Srinivas ManthaConsultant Anesthesiologist and Pain PhysicianAuthor Commented:
I will be running the code on my local system with internet connected.
Folders are created through code from admin module from a single user. When we normally create, we use the following code (ASP.NET in C#)
. string NewDirectory = Server.MapPath("~/Info_Attachments/" + strosrfld + "/");
                             if (!Directory.Exists(NewDirectory))
Assume the IP of the web server is and I know the main directolry (d:) and other folders leading my website folder till Info_Attachments folder into which I wish to create the dynamic folders with unique name (strosfld which is dynamic and unique). How should I replace the Server.MapPath. Of course, I will create write permssions of the folder Info_Attachments from the web control panel
Srinivas ManthaConsultant Anesthesiologist and Pain PhysicianAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I will check and get back
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