exchange 2010 high cpu usage cpu not balance

i have vmware enviroment on hp vsa clustering.
i have install exchange 2010 sp1 on my esxi,
one day suddenly after usage of two years

my vmware exchange server become very slow.

i looked up the cpu usage.

i dont know what is the cause for this sympthom.

all my logs are fine,my biggest mailbox is 10 gig.

i have alot of free space,why my cpu is not balance.

you cannot observe at the process tag what is the cause for that sympthom.

i have another exchange 2010 sp1 on other phisical machines  i dont have any problem,the problem is just on my vm enviorment.

please see that link

can you help me?exchange 2010 cpu
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kobi19860Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i solved my problem like i thought:
i didnt update any sp+vmware updates.i move my server to another esxi server
then the problem passed away now my sever is on 0% cpu constantly.
its very important to check the hardware environment
we do now testing to our server to check where is the problem in the cluster.
Lior KarasentiCommented:
When you check the Processes tab in Task Manager do you see something unusual?
is there a specific process that use CPU?
Did you try reboot the server or the Esx?
Is there any errors in the event log?
kobi19860Author Commented:
the strange issuue that there is no log error any where.
the specific process are:
store,taskmge,w3wp,microsoft rplclient,my anti spam,msexchangerepl.
but it isnt balance.
i stopped to take a vm backup from that nachine couple months ago.
i ran consolidate comand at the vmware esxi to that machine i saw that
at that process the cpu was at 0% for 15 min.
i marked in red my anti spamexchange cpu
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kobi19860Author Commented:
what do you think
thank you
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Are you still on Exchange 2010 SP1? If so you need to upgrade as that version is no longer supported. Exchange 2010 SP3 with the latest rollup is where I would start.

kobi19860Author Commented:
thank you
but i have another 2 phisical servers that have exchange 2010 sp1
and i dont have any sympthoms,
i want to check what is the major cause for that problem
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
It doesn't matter if you have 100 systems on Exchange 2010 SP1.

Exchange 2010 SP1 went end of life over two years ago.
Exchange 2010 SP2 goes end of life in a few weeks time.

You need to upgrade your servers, because changes are made to the way that Exchange works, which could resolve your problems. If you refuse, then there isn't much more we can suggest because you are not on the latest version of the product which may well resolve the issues.

Is your VMWARE platform up to date as well? If not, then that should be updated as well.

kobi19860Author Commented:
also my vmware is 5.1 is not up to date.
i will do it but the exchange updates are not the issue.
i am not refuse to update.
the issue is that i have another 2 phisical machines that host exchange 2010 sp1
without any prob.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
There isn't much more that I can do to assist you then, as you aren't really accepting what I have said.

The fact that you have other machines that don't have the problem means nothing. It is completely irrelevant.
Your server is out of date - update and see if the problem continues, if it does then it is worth troubleshooting further.

I will repeat again EXCHANGE 2010 SP1 IS EOL. You should have updated years ago. Not patching is not really an option for anything that is exposed to the internet.

kobi19860Author Commented:
i accept what you say but i disagree with your solution. i will do the updates this week
but i am sure that isnt the solution.
there is simillar issue at vm envioroment:
i will update my case after i will update first the exchange server.
kobi19860Author Commented:
the strange issue is when i did  consolidate command to the exchange vm i saw
that the  process the cpu was at 0% for 15 min.
so maby i have iops problem that cause to my cpu to be in high usage?
kobi19860Author Commented:
very high level
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