Galaxy S4 wifi issie


   We have a new Galaxy S4.  It does not connect to wifi though.  The wifi is not the issue as other devices connect perfectly at the same time.  We tried Verizon tech support and Samsung tech support to no avail.  I see lots of issues on boards, but nothing works.  The error is that it is unable to obtain an IP address.  There are plenty of IP addresses in DHCP so I am fairly certain that it is a phone issue.
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awakeningsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

    I did a bunch of tests.  I should have fallen back to what I did years ago - too many years out of tech support.  I put in a manual IP address and it worked.  Here are some strange things to report (FYI)

1. It connects into the device with no security.
2. It doesn't connect with WEP.
3. It connects with WPA if I put a manual IP address in.

    So it looks like DHCP has an issue if encryption is used, but not if connecting without encryption.  Thanks folks!  I'll wait for a reply and give you points for solutions anyway.  I appreciate the help!
aboo_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try to manage wifi connections with third party app from playstore
and do try to change channel on wifi router as a secondary resolution
helpfinderConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
on what channel is running your wifi?
which encryption do you have set for your wifi?

Try to forget the network and login again using passphrase
try to change encryption if you have WPA2 to something lower - WPA/WEP/open - just temporarly to see if this part is a problem
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awakeningsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
aboo_s, the channel should not be the issue and she wants to not use a third party app.  I've already suggested that.

Helpfinder, we've tried all the basics such as passphrase.  As I said we called 2 tech support lines.  The encryption should not be the issue.  I'm using WPA2.  I have had lots of people connect with no issues from lots of devices.

All, please keep the suggestions coming!
aboo_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know how this sounds like, but believe me I had stranger situations than this.
Try switching between channels, and try disabling security.
I'm not saying this is the answer, but it's a way to debug the issue.We first try to connect the device in any way possible, after that we work our way up.

Now this clearly is a problem with the phone, and most likely a software one, we just need to pinpoint what's wrong. I would even go further more as to first clear user data, And if not helpful change the whole R.O.M
Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
> aboo_s, the channel should not be the issue

Well, it *could* be an issue if your wireless router is say, a WRT320N set to 5GHz and the phone has only 2.4GHz WiFi.

To reduce the chance of overlap interference, everyone should limit the use of 2.4GHz channels to 1, 6 and 11, by the way.
helpfinderConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
I already have seen so many problems which should not be a problem but they were ;) just saying.

I can only suggest:
- different channel
- different encryption
- re-connect to the network
- use that phone in other wifi to be sure it´s not related to smartphone hardware issue
- factory defaults

I do not know what else to try/check
awakeningsAuthor Commented:
Mine worked and none others did.  It doesn't resolve the problem with the phone, but it does allow the phone to have the required need.
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