Pinnacle Studio 16

My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and I have a file which I downloaded from, which is in MP4 format.  how do I open this file in Pinnacle to do any editing. Thank u for your advice.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this the first time you have used it?
Is this Pinnacle Studio Ultimate  or standard?
Have you updated it and including your video drivers?
Test your mp4 video codecs using Gspot and post back a screenshot
GSpot establishes what video and audio codecs are required
Looks like this see the codecs used and the audio is m4a
mp4 high def sampleHave you checked if it is alreay in the Video folder?
Check that you have opened Library as it's the central point of your assets
Then open video import or drag and drop
Do you have ffdshow and the ac3 filter installed?
If this mp4 is a high def with m4a audio
Often times our editing tools also need help to encode specific video formats. MP4 is also mpeg4 QT format
If you could find out what the audio used in this mp4 is that could be the problem.
Are going to file import?
Pinnacle doesnt like mp4 audio formats if you still dont get any success after installing the codecs
consider using Windows Moviemaker to convert it to WMV High Definition or even edit it from windows essentials
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Scott ThompsonConnect With a Mentor Computer Technician / OwnerCommented:
Well, according to this website
Pinnacle Studio 16 DOES accept MP4 format, so I don't know what to tell you why it is not accepting it.

However, you can take your file to and convert the file to a more liked format, such as MPEG-2 or AVI.
Hi jegajothy

What error message are you seeing when you attempt to open the MP4 file in Pinnacle Studio, or is it the case that this software is new to you and you are unsure how to open any video file for editing?
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What a lot of people don't know is that MP4 is a "media container" type, just the same as AVI and a few other video formats.  A video file contains a video "stream" and optionally an audio "stream".  With these "containers", the audio and video streams may be encoded in lots of different ways.  The computer, or software opening a container file like this, first of all needs to know how to open an MP4 file to get at the contents, and then needs to be able to decode the separate streams.  There are occasions where you get the audio but no video, video but no audio, or nothing at all, if the playback or editing software doesn't have a decoder to handle the format that each stream has been encoded with.

The blurb that accompanies video editing software doesn't always explain this, or go into any detail, when they tell you the names of the file extensions that the software can decode (open) and encode (export to).

Merete knows these things from having used loads of different video editing software titles.
Great minds BillDL,
Hi nice to see you back again,  thanks your insights are always highly regarded
just wanted to say that there was no comments up there other than Scott Thompson when I had posted,
 just proves how similar we think  my thoughts are almost identical to yours but in noway was I hopping onto your light
Best wishes
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u everyone for your solutions, looks like I have some work to do on this project.  Thank u again.
Spooky.  Some telepathy going on here.  Doo, doo, doo, doo, Doo, doo,doo, doo ..... Welcome to another episode of ... The Twighlight Zone ;-)

I was just thinking the other day how much less complicated the world would be if there was only one kind of video and audio encoding that supported different levels of compression and size; one way of embedding them in web pages; only one DVD Region; a common worldwide type of TV/DVD broadcast format; only one make of car available in different sizes and colours; one make of computer available in different speeds and storage capacity; a common worldwide standard of building, wiring and plumbing; A universal law book; etc; etc.  We wouldn't make many points here on EE, but it would be a lot simpler :-)
Good stuff anyway BillDL
adding two cents
I think it's more about property ownership/rights. Intellectual property DRM, Digital Rights Management
Companies pay to use these codecs/video formats in their video editors.
These days the programmers are in battle to stop us from using priority formats with all video editing tools .
People forget that ..
avi is owned by divx
mpeg owned by motion picture experts group
Flash owned by Adobe
WMV owned by Microsft
mp4 mpeg owned by Quicktime
Real by Real and so on.
Video editors are owned by individual  companies who all pay to have their video editing tools be able to encode and modify those video formats.
Just like MS had to pay to be able have his WMP and WMM now accept these video formats,  remember back in XP WMP 9 could not play Divx avi or mp4 without us downloading usage rights through a DVD decoder such as Power DVD( we paid for it)  or install some codec like  directshow requied for mpeg.
Then along came VLC and MPC.
Open source killed the battle for priority codecs ownership really, since they didnt interfer/modify with the video formats but rather gave us the tool that could play any form of compressed video,

I have noticed as we upgrade our videoediting tools there is now included an agreement by us not to circumvent these.  And once agree they will allow us to use specific video formats.
There is inbuilt sniffers to watch what video we use and if it contravenes any of these DRM.
That's why some video editors are more expensive than others I believe it is because they can accept more of the propriety codecs and we nolonger have to buy a special decoder.
Ok that's your lot for today

Thankyou jegajothy glad to help.
All the Best everyone
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