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Question Regarding Corda Charts

Can I ask issue of Corda Charts?
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plz tell me
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What is your question?
I am showing Corda charts,Its working fine on HTTP until I convert to https. When I convert to HTTPS then Chart is not displayed But it show one popup message at bottom which say Show all Content,When I do show all Content Then it show chart. Basically I was using chart image type as Flash,Then I converted the image type as JPEG then my chart started showing on HTTPS without doing show all content But Tool tip on chart don't show until I do show all content.Please help me as this will irritate to customer.I am using IE9. Please reply me asap.
Thanks for clarifying that

What I would suggest is to change the title of your question.  If you're unsure, I'm also a topic advisor so I'm able to do it for you.
It is important to be specific in your title and body of the question to attract the experts to your question.  It makes it so much harder if we have to coax it out of you ;)

Something like:
"Corda Charts not working over https"

Then the body of the question as you have written in http:#a39919678


I'll see what I can do to help but will also alert the other experts.

If you are using flash then where is it getting the data from?  probably not over a secure channel?  

Check the url requested by the flash object (do you have access to that?  how is it configured?).  it will probably still be http and not https
I tested on IE8,It is showing message saying "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered secure",Is there any way to automatically disable this type of message Because We can't expect User to do manual setting on browser.I know using browser setting Showing Mixed Content Enabled will fix this issue on IE But I want fix from Developer side not from User Side.Please reply me asap.
Hi Rob it is getting data from Some template created by Corda Server.Right now I ma using Image Type as Flash and JPEG,They both are not working on HTTPS on IE8.
I could be wrong but there isn't a setting you can turn off because it it's warning to the user that data is being transferred unsecurely
Then Please tell me what I can do so my page will not show this type of warning.My other page are working fine on HTTPS But only Corda chart is giving issue.
You need to change the urls to https for the flash object.  Can you post a screenshot of where you configure the chart and what url to point it to?
Do you also have the redirector in place?
I am calling chart using below code:

   Dim dsChartSetting As New DataTable
            Dim objGetData As New Selectdata()
            dsChartSetting = objGetData.GetChartSettings().Tables(0)

            Dim myImage As CordaEmbedder = New CordaEmbedder()
            myImage.externalServerAddress = dsChartSetting.Rows(0)("EXTSERVERADD").ToString()
            myImage.internalCommPortAddress = dsChartSetting.Rows(0)("INTCOMPORTADD").ToString()
            myImage.imageTemplate = "Sargento_KraftPouchvsTray_Html" + ".itxml"
            myImage.userAgent = Request.UserAgent
            myImage.width = 700
            myImage.height = 400
            myImage.returnDescriptiveLink = True
            myImage.language = "EN"
            myImage.pcScript = PcScript + "Y-axis.SetText(" + Pref + ")"
            myImage.outputType = "JPEG"
            myImage.fallback = "STRICT"
            ChartComp.InnerHtml = myImage.getEmbeddingHTML
Here is Template I used.
What is the value of this variable

myImage.externalServerAddress = dsChartSetting.Rows(0)("EXTSERVERADD").ToString()
here is Location of cordascripts's ctredirector.dll
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Thanks,I converted Http to Https for ctredirector.dll in database and It started working fine.
Thanks a lot again.
Great news. Thanks for the points