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ISP latercy troubleshooting

This may be a vague question but we have an office with 2 ISP connections Cable and DSL. We're testing a remote hosted app that is hosted by a third party somewhere else. It connects but users report it stalling and disconnecting. I have tried isolating the users of this app to one or the other ISP with firewall rules to no effect so it doesn't seem to matter which ISP we use. The vendor put a monitoring program on one of our PC's and basically all ti does is pings google.com and its app url and track the statistics. Its showing almost 20% packet drop in their log. When I set a continuous ping to google or their IP and let it run I see an occasional no reply maybe 1 out of 100 but not 20% so I don't know how its getting that. Another thing the ping times to their IP address vary from about 50ms to 3-500. Their support says anything over 200ms will cause these symptoms.  So my question is how can I trouble shoot this problem. Both ISP's report everything is working fine.

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