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CUCM 9.1 parameters

I am running Call Manager 9.1.   For some reason the system parameters nor the enterprise parameters on my two cucm servers will not show up.   It just says save or default but doesnt list any parameters. I have tried this on both of my servers and no luck.  I have ran the utils restart and the load.xml commands.  I have also tried on xp, win7, win8  firefox, and IE.  I have reached out to cisco but no help so far.  If anyone has any suggestions i would deeply appreciate it.
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Can you post a screen shot?
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User generated imageScreenshot of parameters
Try this:

Log through SSH and run:

run loadxml

Go to Unified OS Administration > Security > Certificate Management and regenerate your tomcat.pem and tomcat.der certificates.

run this command:

utils service restart Cisco Tomcat

then take a full backup of your cluster, this is critical because of the certificate regeneration that will stop a restore from a backup previous to these steps.
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I just cant understand what is letting the screen show some options but not the rest.  I dont know exactly what process allows all of the parameters to show.
Once i regenerate the certificates do i have to restart the cucm server?
If you wish, ideally it should just be Cisco Tomcat.
So i ran all the commands and regenerated new certificates but nothing is helping at all.
I agree its probably the Cisco Tomcat but besides a restart not sure what else can be done.
I am using RTMT and i am showing  over 400 errors on tomcat connector 443 and connector 80 is pegged out at 8.  Im not showing any web application errors.  I have attatched a screenshot.
Have you logged in through CLI and run this command:

utils diagnose test
Can you rebuild this machine from a backup?
I have not run that command.  No i cannot rebuild this machine from a backup.
Because its not an option or cuz there is no backup to restore from?
Please capture this output:

show version active
show version inactive
There is a backup but im not sure im not sure my network admin would be too crazy about rebuilding this box.   I will post the outputs for you.
I would go for a rebuild.
Well i am going back to cisco tac for this.  I dont want to rebuild unless it is a last resort that must happen.
Is there room for a system upgrade?
I finally had to get Cisco TAC involved and rebuild my entire system.