Scalar i500 Robot Freezes

Hi Team, i receive the below errors our Scalar i500 Robot. The robot freezes after reboot. Any solution for me. Thanks.

 10/03/2014 09:51
 T020 - Storage Calibration Failure, Motion OK
 07/03/2014 22:48
 T003 - Get Operation Failed, Final Cartridge Position Unknown, Motion OK
 20-Feb-2014 22:13:12
 T003 - Get Operation Failed, Final Cartridge Position Unknown, Motion OK
 14-Feb-2014 20:49:31
 T060 - Main Access Door Open
 21/01/2014 18:58
 T076 - Robot Initialization Failure
 22-Dec-2013 2:26:29
 T003 - Get Operation Failed, Final Cartridge Position Unknown, Motion OK
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Triggering Elementand Fault CodeCombinations

T003 - Get Operation Failed, Tape Final Position Unknown, Motion OKDescription
The library cannot successfully get a tape from a drive, storage or IE location.The final “resting place” of the tape is unknown. There are no additional recovery logic paths. Fundamental servo control appears to be OK. If the operation was initiated by a host move media, the move media command has failed with an ASC/ASCQ of 4h/15h/01h (hardware mechanical positioning error).
Detection Scenarios
Get is not successful and put recovery is not successful and tape is not known to be properly seated in picker or storage slot.
Root Causes
•Magazine is damaged.•Magazine is wrong type for tape cartridge.•Cell is blocked by foreign material, not clipped in and seated correctly.•Calibration problem results in improper robot position.•Picker offset problem.•Cartridge is damaged.•Unlabeled cartridge or intermittently readable cartridge label in destination.•Drive load mechanism not working.•A variety of picker problems such as slipping gears, encoder issues, etc.
Possible CRUs/FRUs
•Cable spool•Chassis•Robot assembly•LCB•Tape Cartridge
Motion Control Subsystem

All errors apart from the robot initialization failed can be down to dirty optics. The initialization failed we can ignore since it was quite a while ago.
T020 can be caused by barcode labels peeling off or getting dirty, the robot scans the labels on the tape drives and on the cartridge slots, not just those on the cartridges so a good look inside may reveal something.

Do you really mean the robot freezes or do you mean the library freezes? The robot is the part inside the library that picks and puts the tapes and has the barcode scanner on it. That movers around when it is first powered on to calibrate its position against the targets.

When did it last work successfully? Specifically has it worked since 21 Jan? Need to know that to avoid looking at old errors that have been cleared.
andersonedouardAuthor Commented:
Yes it last worked on the 5th march 2014. Actually ment the library freezes.
What of the error code T003, T060 and T076. Are they related to T020. Will try to remove all teh mags to have a close at the tapes.

Thanks for your help.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
Was the 22-dec the first error or do they go back further?

Error code T060 is easy it looks like somebody opened the door on the library

Does the library work OK between these errors? And is it used a lot?

Can you give us the full error log
andersonedouardAuthor Commented:
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