Server 2008 R2 List of ports and services


I need to build a list of servers and the ports in use for DMZ purposes.  They are all server 2008 R2.  Is there a better way of doing this or is there a script to make it easier and if so how?

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jpgobertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm guessing you're talking about the different ports that may be used for whatever services are being hosted on your servers, correct?

The easiest way I can think of would be to use nmap to scan each server and let it report back with what's open and what the ports are used for.  Obviously if it finds a port that's not standard then it may not me able to tell you exactly what it is for... at minimum this will give you a good working list and you can go from there.
smyers051972Author Commented:
Im trying that and lansweeper, its hard when you walk into an undocumented network and you are told "hey build a new DMZ by 3/31".
I completely understand... if these don't work out then post back with what's not working right and I'll help you fine tune a method.
smyers051972Author Commented:
I think I got it mostly figured out, they really need a documented network though but thats really hard to do with something this large and this late in the game.
smyers051972Author Commented:
Thank you!
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