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F5 Firewall - drop traffic from specific IP/Rangs of IPs

In case of a DDOS attack, is there way to drop traffic from certain IPs dynamically?
I mean I wish to have a rule in place on firewall to isolate traffic if requests/sec, response time jumps ahead of usual matrix.

Can you please detail me step-by-step how this could be achieved.

1 Solution
Martin TarlinkNetwork Systems AdministratorCommented:
HERE you can find good articlea bout it . Look under Firewall section

You did not specified what Firewall you use
To prevent DDoS on Cisco ASA  you could also add  IPS SSP module/license
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
I suggest you contact F5 support their support is very good.
They will do the config you need and send you the details if you request.
it is feasible but mosrt likely useless : any properly crafted DOS attack will manage to saturate your internet link. blocking the packets on your firewall will not change that.

you'd need your ISP to do the blocking somewhere upstream

if you host services which are DOSed on a regular basis, some companies such as cloudflare provide dedicated antidos services by acting as reverse proxies between the wan and you. obviously if you're already under attack, you'd need to change ips or have your isp block traffic that do not come from the proxies
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