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Exchange 2010 mailbox - auto save attachments

Hello All,

I have a mailbox on Exchange 2010 that is set to receive emails from an external address.

These emails will have attachments.

I need to be able to query or search this mailbox and if an email with attachments is found, to then save these attachments to a network share with the email then deleted.

The preferred way to do this is by VBscript (running from another server).

Or a transport rule perhaps?

In an ideal world, it would be good to not have Outlook do this task either...
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David Lee
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Can you give an example of a query you'd be using?
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Hi BlueDevilFan,

Sorry, it's not what I meant...  I have no VB query at present...  

By query, I meant as in "accessing the mailbox".

Sorry for any confusion.
Are you saying that you'd like to save the attachments from all the messages coming to that mailbox and then delete the messages?

Yes, you've put it in much better words than I have!
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David Lee
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That looks seriously impressive.  I will look through this now.

Is it possible to achieve the same without the need to run Outlook?

I've seen varying solutions that can do this, but with POP mail rather than Exchange.
No, it is not possible to do this on an Exchange server without Outlook.
Thank you - this is the best way we found going forward.