Office 365 Sharepoint Document Centre with Local Cache/File Server

We have just rolled out onto Office 365 Exchange Online, to test the water before offering 365 to existing and new customers.

So far we're pretty impressed as there are only a couple of limitations that have caused us to change our ways (address policies etc.).

However, we are now looking to move some or all of our data into the cloud via OneDrive for Business and a SharePoint Document Centre site. This is causing problems.

We have an office with 12 computers in it, all of which access shares on a local 2012 Standard file server, which is in turn sharing the data from within a DropBox. We then have several engineers laptops and mobile devices which sync directly via DropBox. The impression I get is that if we move this data into SharePoint online, all 12 machines will have to sync their own copy of the shares over the broadband.

From a logical, security and common sense point-of-view this seems like madness!

I understand that I can sync the SharePoint site down to the server by installing the OneDrive application on there, and then share out folders within the site on the server, but this means leaving the server logged in at all times, which just isn't practical.

Does anyone know what Microsoft expect/want customers like us to do in this instance?
Does anyone have any nifty tricks to work around what seems like a blatant oversight in the development of OneDrive/SharePoint Online?

We were hoping to be able to move away from DropBox to a more self-contained, and ideally, best-practise solution with 365.
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Faliraki69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, having set up a couple of companies with 365 I came accross a similar issue my users wanted to be able to open their "teamsite" documents from their PC as it it were a local shared drive, providing they are connected to 365 from the x86 version of internet explorer and have clicked keep me logged in, you can map a drive to their sharepoing document library and they can work as if it were a local copy,

That resolves static pc's offsite users and offline workers have you considered sharepoint workspace (available from downloads on office365,  this will cach a local copy on the device and enable offline editing and synchronisation of files when online,  

I hope this helps, it has meant we could get rid of dropbox from our environment.
eddiewickensAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input. This wasn't really what I was looking for but you've pointed me to what was the inevitable outcome; stick with DropBox.

Here's hoping that MS turn OneDrive into a competitive product sometime soon! (yeah, right...)
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