Coldfusion Bind

I know you can use Coldfusion bind in a form field with something like this
<cfform >
 <cftextarea richtext="true" name="textName" skin="silver"
    toolbar="basic" height="300" Width="500"/>
    <cftextarea  name="comment" bind=" {textName.text}" height="300" Width="500" />

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but every time it shows in the comment field it shows the HTML code, is there a way to do this and it just show the information without the HTML code?

Im trying to have a editor on the side but it shows the changes in my template
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overcolorAuthor Commented:
I got it

<cfdiv bind="{textName}"></cfdiv>
Ryan ChongCommented:
I believe you mean to show "HTML" in your text area element?

I think you probably need to use a 3rd party HTML editor component in your script.

For examples:
(no points. I don't have an answer ...)

@Chong Yit Seng - FYI: In case you are not familiar with <cftextarea richtext="true" ..> it is a thin wrapper that already incorporates the older FCKeditor

@overcolor - It might help others to clarify what you mean by "just show the information without the HTML code?" For example, if this were the base entry:

       form.textName => This is an example of <strong>bold text</strong>

Do you mean show the plain text, without any html tags? ie

       form.comment  => This is an example of bold text

... OR display the rendered html?

       form.comment  => This is an example of bold text
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Rodrigo MuneraSr. Software EngineerCommented:
To add on to what _agx_ was saying:

Yes, ckeditor is a newer version of the richtext="true" implementation of cftextarea.

But basically what's happening is:

your "textName" cftextarea element has richtext="true" on it, which means that everything you write in it will have html code in it.

When you bind the content of "textName" into "comments" cftextarea, you're asking the "comments" area to use the exact same contents as "textName".

To have both elements identical there are several options.

1. Make richtext="true" on both cftextarea elements
2. Remove richtext="true" from both elements
3. Use something like jQuery's text() to strip the tags off of the content ( off of textName when binding it into comments.
4. for something that only targets specific tags, you can write regex to selectively remove tags ( off of textName when binding it into comments.
overcolorAuthor Commented:

That is what I'm trying to do

 display the rendered html?

       form.comment  => This is an example of bold text

 I'm hoping to build this so they can make edits to the text on one side of the page with the cftextarea and it displays the rendered output on the other side of the page
Rodrigo MuneraSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Add richtext="tree" to the comments cftextarea.
overcolorAuthor Commented:
this will solve the issue
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