Windows 7 - Wireless Connection

Have Dell Inspirion laptop.  Has wireless.  Wireless works great in my house which is a secure wireless setup.  When connecting to it, at least for the first time, user will have to input security key.

When I take laptop on trips, and happen to be staying in a hotel that has free Wi-Fi, yet must still enter in security key in some fashion, it is often done a different way.  An actual browser window auto launches when initially trying to connect.  You enter the credentials via the browser along with answering a few questions such as room number, etc.

My issue is that at public hotels with Wi-Fi, my laptop will NEVER launch the browser window.  It's like there is something preventing it from launching or it just doesn't know to launch.  

Like I said, Wi-Fi works great in my house, friends house where you are just connecting to say a Linksys Wi-Fi router.  But it won't even launch the standard browser a person would get when staying in say the Hilton.
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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try changing that to Prompt for user name and password.
Assuming Internet Explorer is the default browser, in Internet Options, on the Security tab, highlight Local intranet then click Custom level...

Scroll all the way to the bottom - which option is User Authentication->Logon set to use?
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
Automatic logon only in intranet zone
Pramod UbheCommented:
Also local firewall or antivirus might be blocking it?
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
I'll take a look.  Didn't think about that.
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