Exchange 2013 can't email internally

We have a brand new Exchange 2013 organization with 3 servers (2-CAS/MAIL, 1-MAIL) inside a brand new win2008r2 forest.  For whatever reason whenever any of our users emails another internal user through Outlook we get an undeliverable message saying the server can't find the email address.  Seems to work fine using OWA.
MikeIT ManagerAsked:
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SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are the users typing the email address in full in outlook or choosing it from the list after clicking 'TO'
Try both and let us know what happens.

Is incoming mail to/from the internet working?
If yes, check the e-mail address for internal users to make sure it is set correctly.

What exactly does the bounceback say?

have you moved this from an online mailserver or another server? is there any chance the Outlook is connecting to the wrong server and not your new infrastructure?
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
This could be down to missing entries in DNS such as MX and host (A) records for the Exchange servers.
MikeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Even if it works in OWA?  The email only doesn't flow internally when using outlook.
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
What version of outlook are you using?

Have you configured outlook to use 'Outlook Anywhere' (RPC over HTTPS) which is the default method for connection Outlook to Exchange 2013?

Is Windows Firewall disabled on the Exchange server?

Try using the Exchange Connectivity analyzer to see Outlook connects ok?
MikeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
fixed it by clearing the autocomplete
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