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I have some basic knowledge of html / CSS, however I try to know how things work. In the attached image is an analysis of the elements taken by firebug. I note that the html code does not appear <div>, <class> marked with an arrow in the image. How these elements appear here?
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Dan CraciunConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
You're using Bootstrap, so layout is automatically modified, depending on the user agent and browser's width.

How are we supposed to debug an image???
Paul MacDonaldConnect With a Mentor Director, Information SystemsCommented:
It's difficult to understand what you're asking.  Can you re-phrase what you mean by
"I note that the html code does not appear <div>, <class>. How these elements appear here?"

Do you think there's HTML in the page that's not being rendered?  Or do you think there's HTML being rendered and you don't understand why?
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rflorencioAuthor Commented:
In fact some rendered code is not in the html source code. By saying Dan Craciun should be to the use of the bootstrap.
GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably because it is dynamically added by javascript
rflorencioAuthor Commented:
After research some examples I get it, thanks.
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