What is qq.com?

I am curious what qq.com is exactly (it seems to be a bot domain). How does it function and what is its purpose? I am not very familiar with bots; any useful documentation into how they are used would be very insightful. What are some other bot domains that frequently access sites?
Jacqueline GragnolaDemand Generation ManagerAsked:
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Yes, because unlike other social media companies, they choose the old icq (look it up, old times, one of the first pc internet messaging/chat programs) method of using numbers as a unique user ID, as opposed to usernames or email addresses. Hence, that's indeed a valid email address your wrote down there.
qq.com is NOT a bot domain. It's one of China's biggest social media site, for messaging on pc, mobiles , micro blogging etc.
Jacqueline GragnolaDemand Generation ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Kimputer,

That is very interesting. Is it common for these email addresses to contain only strings of numerical values followed by the @qq.com domain? (ex. 18073100@qq.com)
Fulton ToulsonCommented:
Sending money by Western Union using gg.com domain, is it protected for purchases?
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