Access report #Error in text field

system; win7pro, access 2010 split database. Note that this works fine in Win XP.

A text field on the report shows #Error in his field after being populated. All other fields populate properly. This is an unbound field that is populated from a function in a query. The query part is "removecrlf(Jobs.notes) as NotesClear" The report form field is populated with "NotesClear"

the function "removecrlf(Jobs.notes)" is a triple replace function:
replace(replace(replace(data,"i",""), chr(13), ""), chr(10), " ")
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did you try breaking it into three separate lines in you func?

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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
data  is a variable in the function call which is driven by a access table field named notes which is a memo field.

I just noticed a possibility, the control/text box name is the same as the record source "NotesClear". perhaps you could try that and see if its still ok. tks
I don't have the database set up etc but suggest testing a 3-line function first, without embedding in sql. Alternatively, change your sql 'as' part.
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jsgouldAuthor Commented:
Tks. I'm going to the client tomorrow or Friday to try just that. I can't duplicate the problem on my systems either.
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Why a function call? You can use Replace directly in a query:

MyNewField: replace(replace(replace(data,"i",""), chr(13), ""), chr(10), " ")

Would give you a field in the query named MyNewField. Obviously  you'd need to replace "data" with the name of the Memo field.
jsgouldAuthor Commented:

This is a program that I am maintaining, not my development.

I'm wrestling with the issue that this works fine on XP systems, just an issue with Win7pro sytems, all using the same access version.
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
the whole process is create a hidden access report and convert it to pdf with ms add in. I have been looking at the pdf report and reporting above.

have removed the pdf conversion and dropped the hidden from the report. Now I'm looking at the report, same thing happens (if comments field empty, report field #Error) but the replace function mentioned above isn't used.
maybe formatting property of field?
also, use NZ to handle nulls in query.
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
coachman how would I do that?
if you run the query by itself do you see errors?
if you use 'NZ(data,'')' instead of 'data' in the replace part does this fix it ? (I am assuming 'data' is the field you wish to manipulate)
* note the '' to the right of 'data,' is two single quotes, not one double.
jsgouldAuthor Commented:
excellent response, unfortunately issue not resolved yet. back to the drawing board.
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