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Help Style html table

I have a table that is located inside of the jquery accordion. In all the browsers except for IE 9 it look similar to the one on the link

In Ie9 I do not get rounded borders , the cells do not have padding and so on
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Check IE9 is not going into compatibility mode.
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Just did it is not
Eek just noticed your using tables. You shouldn't be using tables - they are not easy to style and a faux pas when it comes to web design

Table cells do not have margins, if you want spacing then use cellspacing.
The rounded corners are working fine for me.
You set cellspacing="0", if you remove it it should work better
I remove the cellspacing but see not difference
Well the table works in all the browsers even IE 11 but does not in IE 9
And if set it to  cellspacing="10"
no difference too?
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So you just use cellspacing.
The rounded corners look fine to me - don't know why you said they were not working.
yes, just the cellspacing which overwrite the marging
I do not seems to be able get this cellsspacing in chrome
so use both methods...
I do. but still does not work
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