HP Protecttools Drive encryption

Hi expert,

I use hp protecttools for my drive encryption on the D: partition.

I reinstalled my OS windows 7 and my D: drive turned to RAW

I cant acces the drive anymore. Windows say to format the drive.

Have important data on it and cant format. Afer reinstalling windows, i install again hp Protecttools but still cant have access to the drive.

Is there any way to retrieve my files.

Very urgent.
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please give proper feedback, so this thread stays on track. Will you consult the manual and contact support?
MutogiIT ManagerCommented:
yes, there is one way, pay a company a ton of money, like HP.

Ran into that about 2 years ago, never again will encrypt without backup....

Sorry and good luck!!!!!
Normally, the hp software will offer recovery mechanisms, what about those?
Boot CDs for example.
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MutogiIT ManagerCommented:
The algorithm mechanism, random hash i believe, is different on every install and i tried last night on an HP 800 G1 and had no luck, drive is empty.
The drive is NOT empty. When Windows reports "raw" that means it cannot determine what file System is in use. That's because it's encrypted.
Please read the Manual for your product or consult the Support team, there will be ways to recover as Long as you have the key.
MutogiIT ManagerCommented:
OK McKnife, not empty but cant read it neither.
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