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Windows Server DR using replication / Failover accross WAN

Firstly, forgive the ridiculousness of this question.

Scenario is this

A server at 1 location. Operating a virtual Host OS (VMware / Hyper-V) with 2 or 3 guests

1. Windows Server (2012?) with Standard Roles such as DC, File server, Exchange Email, SQL Server roles)
2. Windows Terminal Server (2012?)
3. Possible Legacy virtual system operating Server 2003 with legacy database application

He wants the above to replicate over the internet to an identical setup at another site for DR purposes. Internet connection at primary site is 10/10 and secondary site is 50/1 The amount of file store data involved in total excluding OS files is around 100GB. Daily changes will be below 1GB.

Im looking for advice on whats the best way to achieve this. Preferably using internal storage. I am fairly certain the answer is 3rd party software which enhances the capabilities of cluster failover, or negates it altogether. Automatic and instantaneous failover would be preferable, but small downtime (5-30m) should be OK but again, without intervention. Even better if that software also handles backups, and if not, an idea of how such a setup would interact with inbuilt Windows Server Backup.

For the record, no hardware or software has been purchased yet, so theres a blank slate from that perspective. You have carte blanche in terms of suggesting the appropriate setup balancing reliability and functionality against cost.

Thanks for your input people,

Kind Regards.
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