remotely access information about a windows machine

is there any easy way to remotely access (without interactive logon) a list of users and groups on a remote PC, their account status (i.e. enabled/locked/last login/password last set), and the local security policy of the server?
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steedBmaherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes there is,

Right click my computer, go to manage.
Once the management windows is open, you will see your pc name on the left hand top side.

Right click and choose connect to another computer. Then they in the name of the remote pc.

Please note, you need to have administrator permissions on the remote machine is order to view the info you have requested in your question.

pma111Author Commented:
we dont have a my computer icon on our machines due to the way they are configured...
pma111Author Commented:
and are you sure you can check the local security policy via this method?
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