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asp.net three level drill down


looking for some advise, ideally an with an example. I am using vS2013 and trying to work out how to show a list of invoices (probably a gridview) with an SQL 2012 query providing the list.eg

1234 January 2014 £35
4567 Feb 2014  £38

then allow the user to drill down into one, and display a summary of the charge categories, eg

Calls  £20
Data  £10
SMS   £5

then allow user to select a charge category and display a completely of the individual charges.

01/01/14 Call 07711234444 £0.05
02/01/14 call 07736366333 £0.33

this final list will probably be a grid view to allow the user to sort dynamically.

so I probably need three gridviews, but should these be on separate pages, or one page and use multi views to hide the previous level, or can it be 1 clever control which allows multiple levels? I am fine with the using SQL to create the 3 different views.



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