Split Public IP range on SonicWall TZ 205

I have been assigned the following set of public IP's by my ISP:
Gateway: x.x.224.73
Usable IP's: x.x.224.74-x.x.224.78
Subnet Mask:

I have set the WAN IP on the SonicWall to x.x.224.74.
I want to assign x.x.224.78 to a second router (Cisco) for my VOIP network on port X4.

How can I accomplish this with the SonicWall?
Also, can it be dome without the SonicWall?
Thanks for your help.
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Tim PhillipsConnect With a Mentor Windows Systems AdministratorCommented:
You could do this by simply connecting the Cisco to the modem directly along with your SonicWall.  If you modem has one port you may need to put a switch inbetween the three devices.
YankeeFan03Author Commented:
Thanks. I think I was over complicating it.
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