Transfer Microsoft Open License to different Live ID?

One of my customers has an Open License agreement with Microsoft.  The problem is that it was ordered by another reseller and registered under the reseller's Live ID.  So the customer doesn't have direct access to downloads/keys at the Volume Licensing Service Center.

Can the registration of this Open License be transferred so that the details are accessible at the VLSC using the customer's Live ID rather than the reseller's Live ID?
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WayneATaylorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the Licence number and authorisation number, you can add it to any VLSC account simply by selecting the option "Add Open Licence"

wakatashiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Wayne - looks like this is going to work.  "Submitted for processing.  Please check back in 24 hours".
That should be fine then...

Glad it worked

wakatashiAuthor Commented:
The license is now appearing in the VLSC - many thanks Wayne!
Anonymous AnonymousCommented:

Can this be done within the same company, i.e same company but different department so we want to manage our license usage ourselves. I'm curious if this would duplicate the entry between original Live ID and the new Live ID
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