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Submit my form


for some reason my form is not getting submitted.  

I can't get it to submit my form.

I have an image that calls Jquery and submit the form.

This is my code:

function SubmitFormSearch()
	$( ".ShowHideAdd" ).show();

<cfif IsDefined('FORM.SearchForm')>
<cfdump var="#FORM.Status#">

<FORM id="SearchForm" METHOD="POST" name="SearchForm" ACTION="<cfoutput>#ActionURL#</cfoutput>"> 

 <SELECT name="selectStatus" id="selectStatus">
           <cfoutput query="QStatus">
			<cfif (isdefined('FORM.Submitted') and (#FORM.selectStatus# eq #QStatus.StatusID#))>
			<option value="#QStatus.StatusID#" selected="selected">#QStatus.Status#</option>
			<option value="#QStatus.StatusID#">#QStatus.Status#</option>

    <img src="images/SearchtextBoxbtn.png" onClick="SubmitFormSearch()" style="margin-bottom:35px;cursor: pointer;"/>


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1 Solution
Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Commented:
getting any errors in your console?
lulu50Author Commented:
no no errors but it's not executing this code

<cfif IsDefined('FORM.SearchForm')>
<cfdump var="#FORM.Status#">

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lulu50Author Commented:
if I do isdefined form.selectStatus it works fine
it gives me the value of the selectStatus

<cfif IsDefined('FORM.selectStatus')>
<cfdump var="#form.selectStatus#">

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but if I do isdefined form.searchform it doesn't work.
so, I am thinking why isn't recognizing my form name

<cfif IsDefined('FORM.SearchForm')>
<cfdump var="#FORM.selectStatus#">

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Chris StanyonCommented:
It stands to reason that if:


is looking for an element called selectStatus inside of the Form

then this;


Is looking for an element called SearchForm inside the form

You see the problem here?
lulu50Author Commented:

I know the difference.

Here is my question:

why I can't get the value of the FORM.selectStatus  if I say

<cfif StructKeyExists(Form,'SearchForm')>
<cfif isdefined("form.SearchForm")>

but when I say (this it takes me straight to my field value without validate the form submission)
<cfif isdefined("form.selectStatus ")>
it works fine and display my value

so, if I have a value in the form.selectstatus that means the form has been submitted and
if the form has been submitted why my Isdefined("form.SearchForm") will not work.
When you submit a form, a structure key will be created for each input/select/checkbox, etc inside of that form.     "SearchForm" is not the name of one of the input tags within that form.    SearchForm is the name of the form, I do not believe that submitting a form creates a form key for the name of the form, what value would it have?

You can test this by putting this at the top of your page and submitting..

<cfdump var="#FORM#">

This will show you all the input values created on your form submit, I don't think you will see the name of the form among the values.

I think it would be perfectly Ok to test for the select tag name (the thing that works for you).

What I usually do is to test for the button or submit input tag...

<input type="Submit" name="doSave" value="SAve It " >

In this case, I would test for IsDefined("Form.DoSAVe")

Since you are doing an image, you can use type="button" and test for  Form.doSave.x  

Again, you can using <cfdump var="#form#"> to see what values are created when you submit
Chris StanyonCommented:
Hey lulu,

I don't know ColdFusion specifically so I'm working off of common sense here, and the way that HTML works in general. The reason this works:


is because you have an element named selectStatus  within the form

The reason this doesn't work:


is because there is no element named SearchForm within the form - it is the form's ID, so never gets passed back to the server - ever!!

In your jQuery, you seem to be setting the value of #Submitted to 1, but there is no element with that ID in your form. You need to create it, and also give it a name. Then you check that to see if you form has been submitted:

<input type="hidden" id="Submitted" name="Submitted">

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lulu50Author Commented:
Chris - I do have an element called Submitted in my form but I did not included in my code above because that wasn't my issue.

gdemaria - your explanation tells my why I can't do it.
lulu50Author Commented:
Thank you
Chris StanyonCommented:
I already explained that SearchForm didn't exist in the form to which you replied:

I know the difference.

Clearly you didn't
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