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can not create new added hardisk partition on linux rhel 6 in vm

Dear All

        i have a linux running on esxi server , currently created a 1.5TB storage into the linux box, going into the webmin page, and try to create a parition, i got below error, any idea what went wrong ?


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8/22/2022 - Mon

see below


Try this
On the Linux Machine
# fdisk /dev/sdb
a (for add)
1 (partition number)
Let it cover the entire disk, accept the default start & end values.
w (write and exit).

See if that creates a partition.

After this, check with 'ls -l /dev/sdb*'  if the partition is created and the partition table is reread.
It should show /dev/sdb & /dev/sdb1
otherwise 'partprobe /dev/sdb' is needed to rescan the disk.
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Seth Simmons

@Abhilash Hb - in fdisk, a is for toggling the bootable flag; n is for a new partition

@piaakit - i have got around this before by using mklabel with parted but webmin is just supplying basic parameters.  you can either do manually with that option or use fdisk.  it's less than 2tb so fdisk can do it

where is the new parition located in linux ?


How do i create the new added HD appear in below, i have tried to mount the new hd to the location at /root/media2, but the size it doesnt show 1.5TB, it still showing the current HD storage size, which is 200GB, any idea ?  

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Seth Simmons

what exactly did you do?
did any of the suggestions help with creating that partition?

what does fdisk -l show now?
new partition is definitely sdb1 but how big is the partition? did you format it?

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ask a question

Hi all

    after type the mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 command, i can see the Hardisk now, but in ssh how do i locate the new hardisk ?


below screenshot is from /etc/fsta, can i change the UUID no ? and for For permanent mounting, does it mean to mount the new hardisk into /root/media2 by adding below
"/dev/sdb1   /root/media2     ext4    auto,noatime 1 2 " ?  sorry for so many question as i'm new in linux, Thx


yes that line line needs to be added at the bottom of the file.

After that you can mount it (as root:   mount /dev/sdb1).

If you only want to do it ONCE, then jyst type

mount /dev/sdb1 /root/media2

(Oh and the directory /root/media2 needs to exist too,   'mkdir /root/media2' if it doesn't exist.)
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Hi All

great it works, i could mount the new HD to /root/media2, and i have one more question, i have a owncloud installed, the path is located at /var/www/html/owncloud , how can i move the current owncloud path to the new hardisk /root/media2 ?


you can move the data path only and leave all other in /var/www/html/owncloud..
in the config/config.php file modify the entry to contain your media directory...
 'datadirectory' => '/root/media2',

That said..., Why are you using the /root (root) user directory.
root is meant  for systems management.

Please add a different user for running the owncloud instance..., and sharing you media with.