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I have a client that use SBS 2011. I had added about 50 email contacts within exchange so they appear in the All Contacts drop down list in outlook.

I have one user that requires permission to amend these address as well as adding them.

Is this possible thought exchange to give a user permission without making them an administrator of the domain?

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David AtkinConnect With a Mentor Technical DirectorCommented:

I believe that this can only be done via the Exchange management console or shell so they will need to be an administrator.

Is adding a public mail contact folder not an option?
setup outlook with the admin account.  go to contact > all contacts
can you right click on all contacts > permissions

in there add the user you want to give access and grant full access.
ryank85Author Commented:
I can change the permission of the admin contacts but can't see a option to amend all contacts?

I am using Outlook 2007

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