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I want to change the default font in Office 2013 from Calibri to Arial and 12pt.    I tried a couple of different things that I read online.
1st thing was to right click the normal style in the ribbon to get to modify.  There I changed it to what I wanted...  checked the box :New documents based on this template.   Said ok.
I close Word and come back in and it has reverted back to Calibri.

2nd thing I tried was to on the Home tab I selected the Font group and opened the expand button.   There I again selected Arial and 12 pt.    Then I chose, All documents based on the Normal.dotm template and said OK.    Closed Word and opened it back up and it's still on Calibri.  

What am I doing wrong?
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Don't need that. You just need to get to Style Organizer and copy your custom normal style over the one in Normal.dotm.

So: adjust the Normal style as you want it.
1. press on the little arrow box on the left bottom of the styles
2. press on Manage styles
3. press on Import/Export
4. select the Normal style in the current document and press Copy to copy (and overwrite) the one in Normal.dotm  

word style organizerHTH,
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
Blue yonder

That is what I followed the first time and it does not keep the settings
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delete the Normal.DOT file then try it again.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Please read the following guide on grades here on E-E:

The default grade is A. If you decide on B or C, you're required to post an explanation of what was deficient in the solution.

Thank you.

bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
I am so sorry.    It should be an A....

It was a GREAT help to me.     Can I fix it?
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Yup. Click on "Request attention" and ask a mod to reopen the question so you can correct the answer.

Brian BenneworthCommented:
I found this problem on HP PCs that came with software called PDF Complete. If this was uninstalled the default template could be stored. I'm awaiting response from PDF Complete.
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