Reference Error in Access 2010

I encountered this error and posted a prior question on EE.  Here is the link

My previous EE question on this error

Rather than explaining everything again please refer to the prior question.

The suggestion I received and accepted were to add the MS Office reference and make sure that the entire Office suite was installed on the machine.

I finally got back to the client.  I discovered that the MS Office 14.0 reference was already present and that the entire MS 2010 Office suite was installed on the machine.

I am still getting exactly the same error.  Any other ideas?
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COACHMAN99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
not sure
you could check folders e.g.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14

the latter is the 64-bit path
possibly 32/64 bit Office?
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
We had had issues with 64 bit Access with some earlier client upgrades, so I verified that they were using the 32 bit version of Access.
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does the problem occur on all machines, or just one? (and are we sure the 64-bit version was never installed on the problem machine?)
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
There is only one machine set up to test the upgrade, the rest are still running Office/Access 2003.
I didn't do the install so I am not 100 percent sure 64 bit was never installed on the machine, prior to 32 bit being installed.  Is there any way that can be verified?
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
I asked the client and they said 64 bit was never installed and mentioned that the machine would not even support 64 bit.
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks you very much for researching this, it was getting frustrating.  I saw you post in the old question but I've already awarded the points on that one.

I'll award the points on this question but point anyone looking for a solution to the old question.
mlcktmguyAuthor Commented:
For anyone researching this issue for a solution.  Coachmen99 posted the correct answer but it is on the old question.  Please refer there for the solution ( a link is in my first post above) .  The short answer is that this function is no longer supported in Access 2010 but there is a work around
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