Virtual PC 64 bit error message cannot install windows 2008 server on a virtual machine

Trying to install a windows server 2008 on a virtual machine get an error message attempting to load a 64 bit application however this cpu is not compatible with 64 bit mode

Where and how do I set up the 64 bit option before I start installing the OS.

Anyhelp would be appreciated.
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ChanderMadhaviGmailConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your help
Seth SimmonsConnect With a Mentor Sr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
virtual pc does not support x64 guests; only hyper-v does

expand details; only supports xp, vista, windows 7 as guests
Mike TConnect With a Mentor Leading EngineerCommented:

Seth is correct, VirtualPC is very old technology and does not support 64-bit VMs so there is no "option" to turn it on. Your only options are:

install a new OS - Windows 8/2008R2/2012   - to get new Hypervisor - all of which support 64-bit
install Virtualbox ( which is free despite Oracle acquiring it
install vmware workstation (on your existing OS)

ChanderMadhaviGmailAuthor Commented:
there is no reason
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