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How can I select only the text by dragging the mouse over the text without selecting the objects behind (blue).
Image attached.
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Sigurdur ArmannssonConnect With a Mentor Designer Commented:
The white arrow is just used to select. When you hold down the Alt key at the same time you get this + symbol. It is saying that everything you select – even if you select it partially, the whole object will be selected.

Now drag this way around the address and the address and the icons will be selected.
But the shadow frame will be too. Hold the Alt key still but put one finger on the Shift key too.
Go with your cursor and click on the shadow frame and it should be deselected.


At this point you should do the following:
Cut the address (Cmd/Crtl + x)
Paste in Front (Edit > Paste in Front or Cmd/Ctrl + F)

This releases the address from the group but pastes it on the same spot
Group for easy selection later
David BruggeCommented:
There are several ways, but the easiest for me is to temporarily lock the other objects. Select the object(s) that you don't want in final selection, in this case, the type, and press CTRL+2 (CMD+2). Or from the menu go to Object > Lock.

When you are done, press CTRL+ALT+2 to unlock all or from the menu Objects > Unlock All
David BruggeCommented:
Another way is to open the Layers Pallet (F7) and expand the layer. You do this by pressing the triangle to the left of the layer thumbnail. This will give you a list of all of the objects on that layer in their stacking order.

To make a selection from the list, press the round circle on the right hand side. You can also drag objects up and down on the list to change their stacking order.
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David BruggeCommented:
A third way, and usually the fastest depending on your work layout is to click on the topmost object, Then click again holding down the CTRL or CMD key. Each time you click, you select an object farther down the stack.

Or, you can select the top most object and from the menu, Object > Select > Next Object Above or Select > Next Object Below.
Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
Use the White arrow and please check out the image I uploaded.

Select the Direct Selection tool, White arrow.
Hold the Alt key and drag over the area you need to select. Some other objects are fully selected too (all nodes highlighted).

Hold still the Alt key and add the Shift key and drag across the objects you need to deselect. If an object is still selected, still hold the Alt+Shift keys and click on it.

Bonus tip:
Since this is so simple it is handy to know that if you working with lets say the Type tool, you can temporarily change it to the last used arrow by holding down the Cmd / Ctrl key and then add Alt and Shift. When you release the Cmd/Ctrl key you are back to the tool you were using.
The best way to select these items is to use the artwork view mode and the drag select the direct selection tool.

To access this view mode toggle the artwork/preview view mode in the view menu.

When you drag select in this view mode you don't need to use any of the steps listed above although each of the steps listed above will allow you to groups and sets of objects that will be easier to select and modify.
rflorencioAuthor Commented:
Hi jmpg_70,

I'm sorry but my knowledge of illustrator are basic. I assume that this option will be on view menu (CS5), but can´t find nothing.
Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
He is talking about the top item in the View menu: Outline / Preview (Cmd/Ctrl + Y)

But actually I don't see how that helps with your problem because the crossing line through the text will be selected and has to be unselected.

In this particular case you can select the shadow object and lock it and then freely select the text but you should consider the method I described if you are going to work more in Illustrator.
rflorencioAuthor Commented:
Hi sigurarm,

In fact what jmpg_70 say not solve my problem. I´m sorry but i can not select  how you suggesting (Appears a rectangle line and cursor show "+" sign). I send example file in .ai , can be very easy but I am not getting.
Siguram, I don't know how or what you are doing that makes you say my suggestion is not going to work. It is something I was shown in the Adobe Illustrator6.0 (not CS 6) handbook and has work ever since (perhaps I didn't explain correctly). it works for massively complex vector images. The same technique was also in a number of Sandee Cohen written publications on Illustrator and (long gone now) Freehand. I also was shown by a sign writer that  a very similar technique in Coreldraw.

This advice is one of the first pieces I share when I am teaching someone

If drag selecting across the outlines intersects with multiple objects, double or multiple fast clicking will select grouped or compound paths with in a larger group object as Siguram has said.

I often find the answers on these forums quite complex for a result that ends up at similar points I believe you should work with the simplest tool you know how to use and often many solution just seem far to complex to be really helpful. I guess with most software there are at least three answer to get the same result.

other methods for selecting the objects might have been Select>same colour Select> same transparency, Select >again.

Is it just me or does the modern complexity of the software intimidate people into thinking that things are always going to be difficult. Selections are the first thing you should learn or be taught.
Sigurdur ArmannssonDesigner Commented:
Dear jmpg_70.

I was not trying to make your suggestion look bad in the eyes of the asker, but can you make the selection he was trying to do if you in the way you describe? I mean in the exact way you describe it. I can't. I think there is something missing.
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