Hi I'm using cam scan to scan my documents like my receipts.

How can  I upload all receipts scaned as a batch, or like uploading a complete tag on my PC.

It seams that from the web site I can upload them only 1 by 1 which is way too much time consuming
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi speedtofly
 I'm Merete :)
Ok I had 2 manulas from my above comments, this was the first one
How to use CamScanner
merge the lot into a PDF please see>
page 4
page 4 mergepage 6
batch  merge
page 6 batch-generate PDFIn the video it showed how to drag them to another tag and edit then convert to PDF
CamScanner for IOS How-to Video

I can't locate a Cam Scan, do you mean Cam Scanner? If so, I don't believe it currently supports multi-page documents. You could look at other, similar software. For example, if you are on Android, Scanner PDF ( supports multi-page PDF creation.

speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Yes that's what I meant cam scanner.
I will look into the app you mentionned.

So from camscanner if I scan like 20 receipts
 in one tag says "Receipts"
I can't upload this tag to my pc to have all receipts saved on my PC,
 in one drag and drop, or copy and paste move?
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As you've probably noticed, Cam Scanner's support is not very complete. If you are using Evernote or Dropbox as a way to sync between your Cam Scanner and your other devices, then you should be able to do this, but only if you are using the paid version (only supported for the first 7 days in the free version).
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks , I have deopbox and evernote ,
But how do you save a batch of receipts on dropbox for example.

If I want to save the tag "receipts" with 20 receipts in it  from Camscanner to dropbox ,
How do I do it ?

speedtofly I found a manual that may help, it illistrates the different methods to manage your documents
refer to page 2
2. Tap button to switch to list view.
Click "Share" and select [CamScanner] (Batch) in Gallery to enter Multi-Selection Mode. After selecting images, click "Next" to import these images to [CamScanner] and them will be processed in the background. Check them in [Document list].
How to use CamScanner
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Ok thank but I want to do the oposit
export my receipts from camscanner to my PC or dropbox
When you upload/sync save them to cloud or skydrive now known as OneDrive this is automatically accessable from your PC
As suggested by lherrou drop box
there is a tool for the desktop
Please read the manual
New features in CamScanner
Backup and Restoration

Side idea if it helps
I use a SkyPix  handy scan when at home or carry it with me if needed, very small and works briliant, USB supported easy access to the PC.
Turn it on set the DPI and then slowly drag it over the files images books receipts you need to save a scanned page from, plug it into the PC opens to the folder onboard and copy it out..
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
great thanks for the scanner suggestion , but my plan is less stuff.

I downloaded the software but I do not find the option [Back up and restore] in the [setting] in the app..

So I can not pair the device.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Have you set up an account at yet? That allows you access to cloud storage and sync. And how about just using Tags within Cam Scanner to group your receipts? You can define your own tags with the App, and then once you've synced them, you can access them by a specific tag.
Did you read manual I provided?
download the desktop application from your windows desktop first
then connect  PC to mobile device.
(You need to connect your PC and your mobile device in a same wireless local area network,
You can find the backup and restoration in the Settings view and choose your connected host, and operate this program in your PC
youtube video
FREE App Today CamScanner FREE iPhone App
CamScanner for IOS How-to Video
Hope it helped
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks Prodigy, that's great that solve one problem , I got the option to send one receipt to dropbox.

Now as an example in my [receipts] tag I have 20 receipts scanned.
Instead to do 20 times the manipulation to send each receipts in the dropbox folder,
(Too time consuming)

I want to select the 20 receipts and send them in the dropbox folder in one time .

How can I do that
( I don't see that on the manual nor the videos)
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