CPU speed calculation on Intel mother board

Dear Experts,

Recently I have found out one hosting company offering 8000M CPU VPS server
and so I wonder why there is existing 8G CPU ?
As I remember from max Intel process speed  is range from 3.3 to 3.7G today.
So my question is coming out for CPU speed

On general intel 3.7GHZ computer mother board,  one socket L can allow only  one CPU chip mount on and for example, one CPU chip could have 4 core or 8 core but
the overall computer CPU speed is still 3.7GZHZ regardless of how many core is in one
CPU chip.

My first question is what I say above is correct or not ( if we don't consider CPU
bus speed such as 1333MHZ)  ? The number of CPU core in one CPU chip is
for allowing how many process or thread is running , for example, 16 thread for 4 core
which mean 16*4 process or thread running at the same time or max multi-tasking  in one CPU chip with the same speed of 3.7G HZ, Right ?

 Sometimes, I  have seen there are two socket L on one mother board. Why is it ?
Whether  the additional socket L will allow increase the overall computer CPU speed  by 2* socket CPU speed =2*3.7GHZ=7.4GHZ which is closer to the hosting company offer
8GHZ CPU VPS server ?

What is different for overall computer CPU speed  calculation from  no of  CPU socket and CPU cores consideration   ?

Question-3: Some intel CPU device spec has thread feature such 16 or 8 threads.  Is that for server CPU to handle how many process or thread at the same time in one core of CPU ?
Laptop/Personal computer  is seldom to use thread feature intel CPU , Right ?

Please advise

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Presumably it's this that you are looking at - http://www.hosting24.com/servers.php

I have no idea what they mean, you would have to ask them via live chat but I suspect you just get 8 threads that may possibly run at 1Ghz each guessing from how the slider works, or maybe you get 8 1Ghz virtual machines. It's really a marketing thing.

You're not going to get all 8 1Ghz threads 24x7 anyway, since you would run out of bandwidth unless you just used it to calculate the value of Pi or tried to mine bitcoins with it.

As far as your questions go...

1. The number of cores is indeed the number of threads you can run simultaneously, although with hyperthreading you can run twice that since each core acts like two virtual cores. Note the word simultaneously, you will see a lot more than 16 processes running on your home PC but most of them are hanging about in RAM waiting for the scheduler to give them a go on the CPU. That will be the case with your VPS server too, they're not going to dedicate all that performance to you, it's time-sliced so your virtual machine only gets a small fraction of the CPU time.

2. The more CPUs there are on the board the more simultaneous threads you can run, it doesn't scale quite linearly, after adding  4 CPUs you can still run 4 times as many threads at once as you could on a single CPU but there's contention for RAM bandwidth etc so it's not quite 4 times as fast. If you have a single-threaded application then 100 cores won't be any faster than 1 core since 99 of them would be idle.

3. Intel will list the number of threads as twice the number of cores if hyper-threading is available to make two virtual cores out of each physical core. Hyperthreading doesn't necessarily speed things up since the two virtual cores share one arithmetic logic unit. Top end Intel based laptops and PCs often have hyper-threading available but not so oftn on the cheaper ones.
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is indeed no 8Ghz CPU although it's just possible to overclock them to that with rediculously expensive cooling. They're probably multiplying the clock speed by the number of cores but even that isn't really valid since you only get a slice of the host. Where did you see the advert - URL.
duncanb7Author Commented:
Selected Package: 
CPU Speed: 8000 Mhz
Memory: 8192 MB
Disk Space: 80000 MB
Bandwidth: 8000 GB
Connection: 100 Mb/s
Dedicated IP's 8 IP's
Price: $118.72/mo

Open in new window

From attached ad,  you will see 8000M CPU speed, so I wonder CPU can
have such speed.

If possible, could you review my  those three question

Please advise

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duncanb7Author Commented:

From your reply, what is actual meaning of core and thread and its different to each other.
Please read the link attached

I thought one single intel Chip package  can have 2/4/8 CPU inside as  2/4/8 cores and each core in one Chip can  handle 4/8/16 thread or process respectively simultaneously . Is it right  ? OR number of core in one CPU chip mean just thread or process handle in one single CPU chip (there is NO 2/4/8 physical CPU inside)  and not actual
hardware or semiconductor stuff.  So number of core in CPU is not real just CPU
management or software method to handle process.

4 core CPU doesn't mean we have 4 single 3.7 GHZ CPU inside of one Single intel CPU chip
package. Right ?

And why sometimes, we can see two socket L on one mother board ? Is it for increasing
to CPU speed if user is willing to buy one more CPU chip .

So the question is around, number of  core , thread with one single CPU chip
and number of socket on mother board

andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Each core can handle 1 thread or if hyper-threading is enabled then 2 threads. That particular chip has 4 cores which can handle 8 threads between them if hyper-threading is enabled.

Cores are individual CPUs (or at least the main part of the CPU) built on the same slice of silicon. If you look at the photo of the "Barcelona" cpu at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opteron you can see that there are 4 identical circuits on it - one in each quadrant. In that photo the processing part of the cores is mainly pink, the bits that like symmetrical rectangles are cache ram.
duncanb7Author Commented:
since you said a lot of slice, hyper, I need sometime to absorb and understand it and its meaning, thanks for your reply, and talk you tomorrow

duncanb7Author Commented:
in other words,

From your ink provide, I conclude this

1- core and socket is same purpose idea  to increase CPU efficiency to handle
multi-tasking process but more socket on mother board will increase hardware cost
and power consumption than  more core inside of one CPU Chip package. And core arch is better socket architecture in term of high CPU operation efficiency and  low power dissipation

2-Total thread in the intel Xeon spec in above link  is 8 thread with 4 cores that means one core handle 2 thread if hyper-thread is enable , otherwise, just handle only 1 to 1.

3-There is NO actual single 8000MHZ CPU, the hosting advertising just promote its service or its server 's CPU speed can handle processs or job similar to 8000MHZ CPU
that may be actually just  consisted of  one single socket CPU chip  at  1000Mhz with 8 core with 8 thread or 2000MHZ with 4 core and 4 threads

Is it  correct to what I understand ? Please advise

andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that's all correct.
duncanb7Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply and answer the question in detail

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