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We have a XenApp 6.5 farm, about 200 users (never all at once though) connecting to a farm that consists of 7 servers, all virtual.  Are users are located in various offices connected by way of an MPLS network.

Most users have the Citrix Receiver installed.

Two questions: 1.) It takes anywhere from 45 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes to open a published app when clicking on it from the web client (currently the only interface in use.)  I am sure that, as with most speed issues, there are many possible reasons for this... but I am wondering if there might be a checklist of 3-4 things we could check that might help speed up the app launch time.

2.) The citrx receiver.  The little citrix receiver progress bar opens minimized to the taskbar.. If you click it, then you will see the progress bar (i.e. "Starting Microsoft Outlook...")  Is there any way to not have this minimize to the taskbar.  In other words, I would like that progress bar to display as soon as the published app is clicked... to give the user a visual indication that something is happening.  

Right now, because the apps are slow to open, and the received window is minimized by default, they don't think anything is happening and wind up clicking the published app multiple times- causing other bad things to happen. ugh.
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Sekar ChinnakannuConnect With a Mentor Staff EngineerCommented:
There are several reasons make slow login in citrix, you need troubleshoot step by step. Try this steps also do you edgesight? if so try to find the a reason for slow in loading session for specific user.

You can set application properties -> Appearance -> startup settings to maximize application at startup.
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