VBA to open file where Path Year and Month will change

I am using the below vba code that was supplied by robhenson to open files where the Year and date of the file changes. Howver I now need to add a further dimension to this to include the Month in the path [03 Mar, 04 Apr etc] I have tried to make the change myself but have faild miserably. Can an expert out there please provide the answer.

i.e. path is G:\Sales\Recon\Results\2014\03 Mar\dd.mm.yyyy.xls

The code i have is

Sub OpenFile()

FileYear = Year(Date)

MonthOffset = 0
If Day(Date) = 1 Then MonthOffset = 1
FileMonth = Month(Date) - MonthOffset
FileDate = Format(Date - 1, "dd.mm.yyyy")
FilePath = "G:\Sales\Recon\Results\" & FileYear & "\" & FileDate & ".xls"

Workbooks.Open (FilePath)

End Sub

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Rgonzo1971Connect With a Mentor Commented:

pls try

Sub OpenFile()

FileYear = Year(Date)

strFileMonth = Format(Date - 1, "MM MMM")
FileDate = Format(Date - 1, "dd.mm.yyyy")
FilePath = "G:\Sales\Recon\Results\" & FileYear & "\" & strFileMonth & "\" & FileDate & ".xls"

Workbooks.Open (FilePath)

End Su

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Senthil BCommented:
It works for me your code is good.
jayneeIT ManagerCommented:
Can I say that I always encourage people to NOT use spaces or dots (fullstops, periods) in folder names.  It would be better to just use G:\Sales\Recon\Results\2014\03\ddmmyyyy.xls

I also can't see why you're subtracting a monthoffset and also 1 day from the date.

However, try replacing your "FilePath = " line with this, for what you asked for:

FilePath = "G:\Sales\Recon\Results\" & FileYear & "\" & FileMonth & " " & Format(ThisDate, "mmm") & "\" & FileDate & ".xls"
jayneeIT ManagerCommented:
Ah - I should have refreshed the page, RGonzo1971 got there first!
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