I have a domain user acct on a Server 2012 VM that's joined to a domain. Will I lose the domain acct if I remove the server from the domain?


I know this was the case on older operating systems. Wasn't sure if things have changed over the past several years. We have done a lot of work under a domain account but I must resolve an issue by removing and re-adding a 2012 server to our domain. If I lose that domain account during the process, we would have to do the work over again...which would put us behind several days.

Any help would be great.

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Santosh GuptaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it the only member server then you will NOT loss any Domain account. :)
Santosh GuptaCommented:

How many domain controller do you have ?
is replication working properly ?

if you have more than 1 domain controller and replication is working fine then you will not loose any domain account. after removing the 1 domain controller.

Note: Make sure you are not removing the server which has/holds any or all FSMO Role.
mangamonsterAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I should have mentioned that this server is a member of the domain only.
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mangamonsterAuthor Commented:
ok, so when I rejoin my server to the domain, I can log back into the user's domain profile and none of the data will be lost?
Santosh GuptaCommented:
Santosh is correct. When you remove the machine from the Domain, the account information is still on the machine. It will show as a SID until you rejoin the machine to the domain.

Once you rejoin the machine to the domain, the SID will be recognized, and you can use the logon normally. All security settings will be retained on the machine for this SID.
mangamonsterAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys. I'll go ahead and move forward!
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