unreachable host

i have a windows 2008 server with ip address of  i have installed a printer with an IP ADDRESS given to me  i cannot ping or tracert to this 192 ip address.  
how can determine where the issues is?
any help would be greatly appreciated.
i have included a snap shot of ROUTE PRINT, APR table.
the printer ip and gateway are as follows:

it seems like an ARP issue?
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stu29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you manage to get your printer online and working?  Let us know if you need anymore help.
The ip of the printer is not at the same logical network as your server is.

A simple solution is to change the ip settings of the router to 10.214.19.x and the specific gateway and dns as your server has

Other solutions exists of course but they depend of your existing ip addressing impementation.

If the solution mentioned cannot be accomplished please post entire network settings, classes that you use, vlans that may exist etc
stu29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How do you have the route set to get to the 192.168 IP address?

What do you get if you tracert to the 192.168 IP address?

According to your Route Print .... it will go out your default gateway.  Do you have a router with a routing table?
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MiftaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The server and the printer are in different subnet.

Does windows server gateway know about the path to the printers gateway. Where is the routing happening.

As there is no specific route for on the windows server, all packets are sent to gateway And if the gateway is unaware of the network, the return traffic is never reaching the windows server.

It doesn't seem to be an arp issue, if your gateway knew about the printer, there would be an  arp entry with printers IP with the default gateway's mac address.
NJJoeG8GTAuthor Commented:
times out after reaching    what does that mean?
AlexiosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NJJoeG8GT, you saw all comments from all Experts

It requires to give us a knowledge of your network so to able to help you solving your problem
Route print shows you are pointing a default route towards

But your traffic is reaching What device is

The tracert result means doesnt know where to forward packets for 192.168 network. But sometimes, routes on the path are configured to not respond to the ICMP requests.
It means that it does not know how to reach the 192.168 IP address so it is trying to send it out the default gateway (where it send everything that is not specified).

You will either have to change the IP address of your printer to reside on the same subnet as your server (, or put some kind of routing device in place that can handle multiple subnets and you can define routing there.  Option one would be the easiest.
can you post the output of the command "route print"
maybe a persistent  route will help.. another suggestion is to add the route in router configurations..

it appear there is no route to the printer, where is the printer gateway and how it is connected/relates to your server?

NJJoeG8GTAuthor Commented:
tracert, route print are all attached in the initial question.
there is no printer server. this windows server needs a route to this 192 address.
how would i determine the ip of the nearest router?
NJJoeG8GTAuthor Commented:
looking at this printer ip config.

is the default gateway correct?}
yes .... is the gateway for your printer is the gateway for your server.

You will have to set a route for on the router, and set a route for (?) on the router if the are logically connected.

Are these 2 devices one of the same? OR ... How are they connected to each other?
I just checked your trace again .. what is  It should hit first.
NJJoeG8GTAuthor Commented:
lets say i was to use a different ip and default gateway for this printer.
how would the printer ipconfig look?

If the printer is using any network services add you name servers also.

Before you change anything .. to make sure we are 100% correct.  Run an IPCONFIG /all on your server and post back here so I can see it (make out any sensitive info)
Kevin PortellPollack, Pollack, Isaac & De CiccoCommented:
Is everything just connected via a switch?
What is handling DHCP?
Is there a router in place?
Right off the bat the the most immediant issue is that the server and the printer have two different subnets. cannot speak with UNLESS there is a router that you would be able to setup a trust between the two. The simpliest way to correct this would to just manually assign an avalable IP address with in the 10.214.19.X range.
GiladnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry, I missed it.
yes, your ip suggestion should work just fine, check if it's working
and please make sure your DHCP server is reserving the address or just use
some other ip address for the printer that is out of scope for DHCP so you will
not have ip conflicts in the future...

NJJoeG8GTAuthor Commented:
thanks guys.
all this helped debug.  it was a VLAN issue on a switch that the netadmin took care of.  and im learning about that
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