DNS Host entry is deleting after rebooting server

Hi, We have observed that DNS entry for computer (server) is deleting after rebooting server.
Hence hostname is not resolving and issue occurs.

can you guide why this is happening.
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Santosh GuptaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Lets try to figure out how and who is deleting the DNS records.  

Santosh GuptaCommented:
its happening with Static or Dynamic IP Clients/Servers ?

how many client are effected ?
sanjayambreAuthor Commented:
Its static IP assigned to windows server. facing issue with only one server.
I have faced this issue for my HUB CAS server on hyper-v as virtual machine

The root cause of that is whenever for windows patching \ server maintenance I stopped its NLB service and after patching rebooted server, again starting the NLB service, in this frame some how record get deleted automatically

Then I have to run ipconfig /registerdns to populate that record

Not sure why its happening...the issue happens only with my both CAS servers
The fix I have done is to enabled advanced view in DNS console and then uncheck "scavenge this resource record when become stale" check mark in that host(A) record properties

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