Unwanted reminders in Outlook 2011 on Exchange Server

One of my customers (let's call him John) runs Outlook 2011 on an iMAC and his assistant (let's call her Sue) runs Outlook 2010 on a Windows laptop. Both are connected to a hosted Exchange Server.

John's calendar is shared with Sue.

Sue's e-mail, contacts and calendar are shared with John. But John has Sue's calendar unticked on his Outlook 2011 for most of the time (unless he specifically want's to check her calendar).

The problem is that John is getting Outlook calendar reminders for Sue, irrespective of whether he has her calendar ticked or not, on his Outlook calendar view

I notice that for Outlook e-mail, contacts, notes and tasks, John's Outlook correctly says "connected to John" in the Exchange Server status bar. But in his Outlook calendar view it says "connected to Sue", even though Sue's calendar in unticked in his Outlook calendar view.

Can someone help to fix this so that John does not get calendar reminders for Sue, unless he has Sue's calendar ticked in his Outlook calendar view.


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Arjun VyavahareConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:

It seems like delegate went wrong, suggest you to perform below steps:


This may resolve your issue.

socrossAuthor Commented:
Thanks for suggestion Arjun. I will try this and report back after the week-end.

socrossAuthor Commented:
Arjun,  apologies for not responding before now. Thanks for your suggestion. The issue has been fixed, by removing all delegates and reinstating only the required ones, as suggested in your link. So thanks again.
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