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i have an excel document with multiple sheet and it is opening slowly. So I want to copy just the data from all the sheets to a new excel document.
I tried selecting a sheet, highlighting everything, and then copying to a new excel document, and that works, however, i was hoping there is a faster way since i have LOTS of sheets.
is there some way to do this?
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dani gammonConnect With a Mentor Product Operations ManagerCommented:
Right Click the Tab of the sheet you want to copy
Select -> "Move or Copy"
highlight which "worksheet" you want to copy
In the "Move selected sheets to book" section, choose "new book"
Check the box that says "Create a Copy"
Select "Ok"

Excel will open a new workbook with a copy of that worksheet.

You can then save the new workbook with a new name then copy over all the rest of your worksheets.

You could also just create a duplicate of the workbook by right-clicking on the file, selecting copy and then paste.
COACHMAN99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if you hold down the ctrl key and click each sheet with the mouse you can select all in one session.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
Ok, I selected all of the sheets, and tried

Ctrl C

but on the new excel document, when i do

Ctrl V

I just copies over one cell.
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nutschConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you want all the sheets moved? You can use coachman99's shortcut or right-click the tab and pick Select All.

Do you want all the sheets consolidated in one that you can move over? Use the below macro and adjust the top parameters:

Sub ConsolidateSheets()
Dim sht As Worksheet, shtDone As Worksheet

Set shtDone = shtConsolidateSheets(bolTitles:=True, _
                                        strSummary:="All", _
                                        bolTab:=False, _
                                        strTabTitle:="", _
                                        sFirstCell:="A1", _
End Sub

Function shtConsolidateSheets(Optional sRangeToInclude As String = "", _
                            Optional bolTitles As Boolean = True, _
                            Optional strSummary As String = "All", _
                            Optional bolTab As Boolean = False, _
                            Optional strTabTitle As String = "BU", _
                            Optional sFirstCell As String = "A1", _
                            Optional bSelectedOnly As Boolean = False, _
                            Optional sAdditionalCells As String = "", _
                            Optional lLastCol As Long = 0, _
                            Optional lLastColOffset As Long = 0) As Worksheet

Dim shtDone As Worksheet, lLastRow As Long, rgLoop As range, rgCellsToInclude As range
Dim shtLoop As Worksheet, firstSheet As Boolean, lColOffset As Long, lColLoop As Long
Dim lgTabCol As Long, lIncrement As Long, sSelectedSheets As String
Dim arrSheets As Variant, lLoop As Long, rgAddtlCells As range
'requires TurnOffAllUpdates macro

'Const bolTitles As Boolean = True 'True if sheets have titles, false if they don't
'Const strSummary As String = "All" ' update to the name of the consolidated destination
'Const bolTab As Boolean = True 'get data from tab name ? True / False
'Const strTabTitle As String = "BU" 'title of column from tab name if bolTab=true
'Const sFirstCell As String = "B6" 'define first cell of data to copy (based on current region)

For Each shtLoop In IIf(bSelectedOnly, ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets, ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets)
    sSelectedSheets = sSelectedSheets & "\" & shtLoop.Name

sSelectedSheets = Mid(sSelectedSheets, 2)
arrSheets = Split(sSelectedSheets, "\")

Set shtDone = Sheets.Add(Count:=1)

On Error Resume Next
shtDone.Name = strSummary

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    shtDone.Name = strSummary
End If

firstSheet = True
lLastRow = 1

If Len(sAdditionalCells) > 0 Then
    Set rgAddtlCells = range(sAdditionalCells)
    If Err <> 0 Then
        Set rgAddtlCells = Nothing
    End If
End If

For lLoop = LBound(arrSheets) To UBound(arrSheets)

    Set shtLoop = Sheets(arrSheets(lLoop))
    'determine what range to send
    If Len(sRangeToInclude) > 0 Then
        Set rgCellsToInclude = shtLoop.range(sRangeToInclude)
        If Err <> 0 Then
            Set rgCellsToInclude = shtLoop.range(sFirstCell).CurrentRegion
        End If
        If lLastCol > 0 Then
            Set rgCellsToInclude = shtLoop.range(sFirstCell, _
                    shtLoop.Cells(Rows.Count, lLastCol).End(xlUp).Offset(, lLastColOffset))
            Set rgCellsToInclude = shtLoop.range(sFirstCell).CurrentRegion
        End If
    End If
    If shtLoop.Name = strSummary Then GoTo nxtSht

    If bolTitles = True And firstSheet = False Then
        With rgCellsToInclude
            .Offset(1).Resize(.Rows.Count - 1).Copy
            lIncrement = .Rows.Count - 1
        End With
        With shtDone.Cells(lLastRow + 1, 1 + lColOffset)
            .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues
            .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlFormats
        End With

        With rgCellsToInclude
            lIncrement = .Rows.Count
        End With
        With shtDone.Cells(lLastRow + IIf(bolTitles, 1, 0), 1 + lColOffset)
            .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues
            .PasteSpecial Paste:=xlFormats
        End With
        If bolTab = True And firstSheet = True Then
            shtDone.Cells(2, lColOffset + 1) = strTabTitle
            shtDone.Cells(lLastRow, lColLoop).Resize(lIncrement) = shtLoop.Name
        End If
    End If
    If bolTab = True Then
        shtDone.Cells(lLastRow, rgCellsToInclude.Columns.Count + 1).Resize(rgCellsToInclude.Rows.Count) = shtLoop.Name
    End If
    If Not rgAddtlCells Is Nothing Then
        lColLoop = rgCellsToInclude.Columns.Count + IIf(bolTab, 2, 1)
        For Each rgLoop In shtLoop.range(sAdditionalCells).Cells
            shtDone.Cells(lLastRow + 1, lColLoop).Resize(lIncrement) = rgLoop.Value
            lColLoop = lColLoop + 1
        Next rgLoop
    End If
    firstSheet = False
    lLastRow = lLastRow + lIncrement

Next lLoop

Set shtConsolidateSheets = shtDone
End Function

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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
dani gammon - that is what works! thank you. I also found that some of my sheets have tables inserted and it won't copy those sheets. However, that makes it only about 4 sheets to manually copy
dani gammonProduct Operations ManagerCommented:
sweet! glad it worked! I use that all the time. :)
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
Wow nutsch, that looks like a fancy script, is it Visual Basic?
sorry, I thought I would just use the right click move thing.
thank you for all the help.
Indeed, VBA Visual Basic for Applications.
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