Extract string from PHP url


I need a php script that can redirect this url

to a new url as following (using the string in previous url)

can i know how can i achieve this?
I tried to google around and it made me confuse
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Put this at the beginning of convert.php:
    $name = $_GET['name'];
    $surname = $_GET['surname'];
    $gender = $_GET['gender'];
    header( "Location: http://www.xyz.com.com/output.php?n=$name&s=$surname&g=$gender" ) ;

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Shirley80Author Commented:
That's fast! Five Stars!
Just one last question, how can i skip the first character and only start to extract from the second character of "SURNAME"

Result will be
(Note: I dont want the "S" in "Surname")
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
$surname = substr($_GET['surname'], 1);
Ray PaseurCommented:
Some good "getting started" resources are available in this article.  Don't use Google search to find PHP examples -- there are too many old and incompetently written samples lying around the internet.  It's easy to be confused by dreck.

PHP automatically runs urldecode() functions on the URL arguments.  Before you use them in another URL, you want to urlencode() the values.  Man page here (check the Notes):

Also, if you find that you have magic quotes enabled, you may need stripslashes().  But magic quotes should be off in any modern PHP installation.

= 'http://www.xyz.com.com/output.php'
. '?n=' . urlencode($_GET['name'])
. '&s=' . urlencode(substr($_GET['surname'],1))
. '&g=' . urlencode($_GET['gender'])
header("Location: $url");

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you may use parse_url
  $url = "www.abc.com/convert.php?name=NAME&surname=SURNAME&gender=MALE";

	$urlArr = parse_url($url);

	$qry = explode("&",$urlArr[query]);

    //current specific line
	$out = "www.xyz.com/output.php?";

	foreach($qry as $q)
		$bits = explode('=', $q);
		$key  = $bits[0];
		$val  = $bits[1];

		//current specific code
		if($key == "name")
			$out .= "n=".$val."&";
		if($key == "surname")
			$out .= "s=".$val."&";
		if($key == "gender")
			$out .= "g=".$val;


	echo $out;

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