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Hello Guys,

I need a help, a start with a logo for a system that I am developing. Unfortunately I am very bad in design lol then I need a help with some clues or if it is possible an logo as example in Fireworks.

My system will named popcorn words, I saw some examples in internet but I can't use it because it was designed by someone.

If you can help me on this, I'd like to put your name in credits in my system.

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello hidrau, you can decide on whatever works for you, I only offer ideas ;)
The name Popcorn Words is fine for your web page.
What do you want to use the webpage for is my question.
Why do people come there?
Is this a class online?
I am trying to see your page through someone who is not fluent in English and they are have come to your page for what?
Your page would represent to me a meeting place for all who wish to learn some english.
Logo is only a small represenation it is not the banner?
You have already setup your web page name so lets see if we can blend a logo to match your web page purpose and the name.
You could use the word Hello in all different languages that kind of connects the popcorn words name and the words of all nations
 borrowed illistrations for ideas. See how it depicts the popcorn words idea with multiple languages .
It is also Welcoming them..
 Is this in the area you want?
hello around the world
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
And what will your system be about?  Popcorn?  Do you have a link?  What examples did you see that you liked?
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hello yodercm,

Thanks for replying me.

My system that I am developing is about teaching English words.

It is a system to help people to improve their English.

I don't have any link of it yet. I chose the name "popcorn word" to it once words is like

a popcorn in many senses.

Do you have any idea on mind?
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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well you could do something like this:
I drafted this very quickly, I am not sure whether you want a logo or being told how to do this.

If you have Photoshop this is a 15 minute job.

Download a popcorn pic from a Royalty Free photo site (Google will point you to a few of them)

Make a new PSD file, 21cm x 5cm at 300dpi.

type p  pcorn (2 spaces) and choose a font and font colour. Set font size to 72pt.

Insert the popcorn pic and put in between the 2 p.

Type WORD on a new layer and set to 18pt, right align with corn and choose colour.

Job done

hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hello Captain,

Very very cool your logo.

I did the firsts screen of my system now and let me show you it so that you can see what I need.

You can notice in the image that there is a small screen in the center of my main screen (the biggest one). I made a square there in black that I'd like something logo / image to
be placed in it.

The logo you made is very interesting

My project
hidrauAuthor Commented:
You can have the background of the logo / image in white or black. Well, feel free to do.
Do you want it square?

Cornelia YoderConnect With a Mentor ArtistCommented:
Hi.  Sorry, I got called away today on family stuff, so I'm late in following up.

Here is what I suggest you do:

Pop a batch of popcorn and get your digital camera and take a zillion pictures of individual kernals, groups, large spreads, etc., every different kind of arrangement and lots of pictures.

Use very white or very black as the background for your photos.  Or better yet, some of each.

Then open your art program, import all those pictures, and put the Popcorn Words across them.  Arrange them differently, color the words differently (light on dark, dark on light, etc), have some on top of popcorn and some as captain did with words separate.

Eventually you will start to see what you like the best, then refine it until you are happy.

This lets you make your own logo, with your own pictures, no copyright concerns, and will also give you the ability to change it easily later if you want to.  In the long run, that will be much better for you than copying internet pictures or having someone else do one single logo for you.
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hello captain,

Yes, you gave me some ideas, now I am gonna try it.  

Yodercm, thanks for the steps and clues, I am gonna try it with the idea of captain. Well, I

am gonna see what it will be lol
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Captain, what program did you use to do that? I have the fireworks, do you know it?
hidrauAuthor Commented:
I did something, tell me what you think about it.

my Logo
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
That's a start.  Now make the main text a more interesting font, and make the popcorn kernals real.   Then enlarge the text on the kernals so they are more readable.

But you've got the right idea now.  Play with it more :)
hidrauAuthor Commented:
yodercm lol

once again, thanks for your clues. I will try it and let you see. :)
May I offer some more ideas.
Instead of popcorn why not consider books and letters
I made this in Power point and my photo editor Paintshop pro
The layout was just for an idea.
 Letters out of Book
open book with frameWith popcorn words small png
Pop Corn with wordsdifferent frames edges can be modified greatly
 Books lettersI made some ideas here with logos using Power Point

Fire up your imagination.
Teaching English words
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

The idea with Book and popcorns it is interesting. I haven't thought using a book.

You gave me another good idea. Well, let me play with that too.

I will try it tonight and I will show you.

sorry long day and no chance to get to EE.

I have used Photoshop, this is my tool of choice but you could have done the same in Fireworks.

I like the idea of using Letters with popcorn, but I always think that a logo needs to be clear, with minimum colours and simple lines or imagery. People don't take in logos on their own well in the first place, quite often it is the combination of a clean image and a bit of text that works best.

I would not try and explain what your software does in a logo. This would be like 'SHELL' using an oil platform as a logo. Try and find the idea you like best and simplify it until you cannot take away more without diminishing the look.

Also try and stay away from overlapping elements, they will distract and confuse the audience as they may not be able to distinguish between the elements as well as you or the designer can.

If you are unsure it is always worth asking people around you. If you cannot decide or have no help you can do the 'half-blind' test: look at a design for 10 secs and then turn it over, hand sketch what you have seen. This will tell you how well this stays in memory.

Just a few pointers. Good luck
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
One thing that I fully agree with captain on is putting words on top of pictures makes them harder to distinguish.  Compare these two pictures, in one of which I faded out the background behind the words, and you will see what I mean.
I have made  logos /banners for web pages and it really is a personal statement and depends on what the web site is about what they want to promote.
Will the logo be part of a Banner or just for a representation in the page somewhere.
Looking at page take note of the colour as well and where he wants to put this logo http:#a39947748     
A Salt Therapy Clinic logo I did last year for my sister inlaw was a reclining bench with stick figure for male and female and a few salt crystals as you can see it emphasis the fact that everyone lies on a reclining bench . The colours match the clinic and the decor.
This logo is also used on stationary letter head.
Salt Therapy LogoHere an draft example of the books and letters in your web page,
popcorn words or books and lettersPersonally I don't like the popcorn
what's with using the popcorn,
I see you have named your web page popcorn words but you could use anything even flags..people from different nations coming together around the world as a logo to connect the dots with your flags and the pop corn words idea.
When the purpose of this web page is to help non english speaking people learn english.
As a European myself  born in Dernmark
learning to speak English was diffifcult at first and image association is almost a language in itself. Letters are a definate approach to promote the English language/ books is the learning curb
I would drop the popcorn as it's not related to learning english at all.
@yodercm It looks like buy Popcorn here making me hungry now..

hidrau you have many flags on your web page depicting the many countries.
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hello Merete,

My project is still open to suggestion and thanks for your words.

It is always welcome new point of view and I am open to some ideas.

I thought "Popcorn words" something funny but of course I can change it, but find a name as logo image is too hard lol.

Designer was never my strong point :) - Well, what would you do?

My system is not only for English, I intend in the future to have it for another languages too, as you can see in the image.

Give me some ideas as name and logo with your experience :)

hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hummmm - now ideas are boiling lol :)

I am sleep on it and think better until the name.

The third image gave me a good idea " hello word "
Good to know your getting inspired hidrau.
Actually it says Hello World, but Hello Word is kind of cool as it is like meeting the word lol
I like that concept "Hello Word" "Hello Words"
Now how could we work with that
Examples just for ideas using Hello Word see if they inspire
this one is based on that image where it has small call outs
 hello hello wordOr lots of Hello Word.. that look like pop corn but in cloud shaped call outs
clouds and words hello 400 x 300coloured 400 x 300
Is this kinda what your looking for?
In the end you do have the choices with your original popcorn words logo if that is what you like.
Captain gave a wonderful simple logo http:#a39947911 
If I may as I love playing around with this my rendition of your original
words on popcornregards Merete
hidrau dont you like us anymore?
We miss you and want to know if you had success yet
regards Merete
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Hello Merete,

Sorry for the delay to answer, I haven't decided yet about it. I am thinking about many things regard to the logo, I thank you and everybody here that gave some ideas. I will finished this thread soon.

Merete, what kind of software do you use to create your image?
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
Hidrau, the most valuable, useful, and powerful image software you can get is Adobe Photoshop.  You can find it on places like Amazon for considerably less than the list price, especially older versions.  I have CS4 and have never had to consider upgrading to newer levels.  

I bought it there a couple of years ago for under $300, and it has been fantastic for so many different things I didn't know I needed it for.  I use it practically daily for everything from my own art, to webpage images, to screenshots with annotations, to photo touchups, and I could go on and on.
@yodercm, I agree with you.

Hello Hidrau, thanks for coming back
To answer you, I am of the old school and love using my own ingenuity and creativity.
By that I use mainly old tools as well.
I use a combination of tools Paintshop Pro 7 Ultimate and 9 Ultimate, Microsoft PowerPoint  is a very impressive tool and I save those as images.. Paint dot net free open source, Inkscape free open source and very technical-- the snipping tool.
Sometimes I use trials of the expensive tools just get an edge.
I download many plugins to experiment with.
The first hello hello word with the call outs was done in power point.
The rest paintshop pro
The final one in Paintshop pro.
I made a new file white backround small dimension
inserted the popcorn as individual layer and altered the direction of them until they sat the way I wanted, then over laid them with a  text using special font
Modified the colour for the top and then the bottom text
saved as a transparent  png

Regards Merete
hidrauAuthor Commented:
I want to thank all of you for the help and idea.
Thankyou hidrau
A pleasure to help where we can
All the Best
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