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I want a sports application for club?

Can you advise me about application for sports club, can do registration, crm ,fitness, soccer,football, basketball,swiming...financials.
Thanks in advance
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5 Solutions
Sivaraj ELead – IT InfrastructuresCommented:
I'm actually not sure on your needs and need more description,  Web based solution are you looking for OR application you want ?

And paid or looking for free Apps/web based solution ?

Online solutions I found

Regards, Shiva
IhabAuthor Commented:
Better application not necessary web-based, but I dont want online solutions
Thanks sheeva
Sivaraj ELead – IT InfrastructuresCommented:
What Kind of Coding Program is Right for You?

There are many ways to learn to code these days. From coding bootcamps like Flatiron School to online courses to totally free beginner resources. The best way to learn to code depends on many factors, but the most important one is you. See what course is best for you.

IhabAuthor Commented:
Both are not installation software's, it is online Mr shiva
Regestration software is per individual basis and since you dont want any web service how did you expect it to run on the system and have users fill it out log in?
Did you need to keep some type ticketing software?
But not internet based?
Sorry that's just not possible unles you use a hand held device that scans the ticket off.
It woudl still need to wireless connect to a computer
Did you just want regestration forms?
You'll need to manually have them regester then upload to PC.

Application for sports is very generic. Electronic or paper?
Once a person has regestered there is no further need for forms.
Paid for events?
I can keep throwing ideas but it would be easier if you say what you need based on what we have offered what area
IhabAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr Merete
My requirement is simple , I own a sports club. The club contains soccer, karate , painting. I need an application , so the employee feeds it with the information , about the members (CRM) and can make billing at the end of the month, in addition to renewal , events....
MS Access, part of Office Professional installation, has some database templates that you should look at.  Also, there are some third-party templates/applications for Access.
satsumoSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Do you want your employees walking around with something like a tablet? A bit of like waiters in a restaurant. Or do you mean something that the receptionist puts data into?
Thanks  ihab_h, well others have now posted now
adding that  Access is internet based as well
create custom apps fast without being a developer

Please understand where I come from ( Australia) we are very internet orientated these days and gone are the old paper filing systems pretty much.
Everything is internet based one way or another.
Which country do you live?  is internet accessable?
One more question so I can determin if you will be using the internet in any way?
Data uploaded to a computer database?
an application is a program that is designed to manage your business and usually requires the internet.
Most use Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Business Management is part of Microsoft Office
Sort and view records by category in Business Contact Manager
Get familiar with Business Contact Manager features and options

So all I can add is the do it yourself type of templates for a filing cabnet type process. Office Word templates Excel Templates
examples of the templates you can download print out for the different aspects of your business.
This the main page you can search through fo rthe various subjects.
Word templates for letters, reports, calendars, and more

Regards Merete
IhabAuthor Commented:
Mr. satsumo
something that the receptionist puts data into
IhabAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr. Merete
I am checking what you supplied me
Have you looked into hosted sites that are sports oriented? Like:

I can not vouch for Sportngin, but I do use League Athletics.

IMHO the best reason to use sites like these is so your "sports club" does not become more of an IT company developing and support custom apps.  They may not be 100% what you want, but it prevents the club from being a IT company.
IhabAuthor Commented:
I want application, not online system.
You need something like ACT.

And for Accounts payable use Peachtree

Then integrate with a 3rd party connector
Although I can't vouch for the programs pgm554 suggested, I do agree that what you described is not really a "sports" application.  But more of a customer tracking system.

"Sports" applications, such as the online systems I suggested, can deal with registration, fees and payments, and communications to "everybody", but are more geared towards the "sports" part.    Team assignments, team communcations, scheduling of events (games. practices), recording scores of games, drafting/assigning players to teams, and standings.

That I am aware of there are no applications that are geared towards the "sports" part.  Only online systems.
IhabAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your kind support
@ Merete
It is complicated to use this kind of templates, we want an application can do all of these ,
@ pgm554
Nice what you have suggest to me this Act pro, but integration involves , so I don't know if it will work well with the third party tool
@ giltjr
We don't want to use online applications due to the problems of internet speed available, for this reason we don't want to go to any solution on the internet.

Thanks to all for your kind support, I will keep the ticket open for a while then I will distribute the marks.
Thankyou ihab_h yes I understand, I see this application at work it's called SAP, at the video shop/library, Squah.. or any place I frequent that requires a membership/password and account.

I  imagine your customers coming in to your establishment> front desk
to either regester or clock in so to speak for their session/appointment
There maybe a secretary sitting infront of a computer and opens the client's account / regestering his current session statistics and filling in the appropiate costs billing info so that at the end of the month a bill is sent for that time period.
Maybe an Invoice application is more to your needs
Express Invoice Invoicing Software
Invoice Manager
Easy Invoice Creator
Between all all our comments hopefully you have a good grasp of what your limitations are being behind a slow internet and what you can achieve with your own inititives
Everything is web based ihab_h
Since the internet is the problem you might need to have someone program a Document management application for you non web.
Document Management Software Review

Top Membership Management Software Products<< all web based
Best Wishes
Do you expect this application to just be accessed from a single location by just a small select group of people?

Most "sports clubs" and the applications they use expect the team members to be able to access the application so that they can see game schedules, scores, pay fees online, and update their own personal information.  

If you expect a single site, with a select few access it, then you should be able use a non-Internet based application.  However, there is nothing out there that does what you want, you would need to develop it, or get a group of packages and try to integrate it.  And since you want CRM, it would need access to the Internet, assuming e-mail is one of the ways you want to communicate with your customers/team members.

As far as SAP that Merete is talking about, SAP is an application building application.  it has some pre-built modules, like for accounting, but it is fairly expensive and typically requires a development staff to maintain not only the base SAP software, but pre-built modules and any custom code you write.
I doubt you will find a one size fits all for your needs.

Most CRM these days is modular and what I suggested is just one approach,but is accessible for under a $1000 bucks  .

We're talking off the shelf software.

Quickbooks ,can be used along with other CRM connectors that will do the same thing.

Ah,the cloud ,everybody is trying to force you into it so that you no longer own your software ,but rent it.
Thank you ihab_h
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