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Vmware ESX 5.1 Provisioned storage issues - please help!

I have one vm on a 1TB drive, I provisioned 750gb to it, however my vm was suspended with an error - not enough space, i cannot make snapshots etc.

How is it possible? I am not a vmware expert ;-)

I gave this vm 750gb. Snapshots attached.

How to fix it pls?
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1 Solution
OK... So your data store is roughly 900 GB and the provisioned space for your VM is 750GB.
You probably made at least one snapshot and so from there you are adding the "delta" changes to the data store as separate data over and above the 750 GB.
To resolve your immediate problem... Delete some or ALL of your snapshots.
Once you grasp this concept explained you will understand the issues and can take appropriate actions all will depend on your specific needs...
Shrink the VM drive size
Add another data store for delta data
Do not take snapshots as form of backup
Delete/merge snapshots periodically
m1979Author Commented:
I had one snapshot 4gb and that's it.

Why is it showing 1.4TB provisioned size???? I gave it 750gb?

Is it because I went for 'thick' provisioning?
Here is more specifically answering your question
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