Blackberry UDS not updating BDS

Hi,  I have a new Blackberry 10 server install.  This has been setup as a "side by side" install on our existing Blackberry 7 server (Bes EX).

We have this running on a windows 2008r2 server that is on our domain, also a 2010 Exchange server.

I have been told that due to being on the same server, I cannot add any updates or  patches to the new BES 10 install?  Is this correct and if so can what is the best course of action short of a complete new install on a different server?

Also our UDS does not propagate new users into out BDS, how can I check the connection settings to see where the problem might be.

To-date I have only added one BB Smart phone to one user on the new BES 10. This was done direct from the BDS,  going forward I would like to use the UDS so I can have the iPhone and Android managed handset options.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
You are welcome, you had the right idea (waiting). but also feel free to reformulate the question as most experts even look on the number of answers for participation.

Nevertheless, as BB s MAPI based, two versions on one server it something what I do not expect to work fluent in a way. we even had MAPI problems with just updates of BB inside the BB7 release, where BB stopped working due to MAPI issues. Most of the issues culd be solved by using the latest MAPI version, I guess there are no newer ones then published within the last two years, so make sure you use the latest BB7 version with the latest MAPI version and check the recommendations for BB10.

If you want to have an answer to the situation you have, you may just try a second run (question)  with Side by Side of BB7 and BB10 as topic to see if it can work at all (I never had exacly this situation, we all the time used 2 servers). And then feel free to close this, dependend from the answer.
At least from my experince with BB7, it is a good idea to have them seperate from any other installation. As BB7 relies on a MAPI installation we run into a lot of trouble with this constellation as there are versions, which doesn't really work with every version of MAPI.

I#m not sure about BB10, but just from my experience, tr to keep them seperate to install on each system what is needed.
mercuriousu2Author Commented:
Thanks, I have been waiting to see if I get anything else related to this.  To re-install the BES10 server elsewhere is not what I am currently looking to do. Although time consuming it would possibly save update issues going forward, but for now I am just looking to get the original install working properly :-)
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