Roll back sql queries on phpbb boards - mysql?

I deleted accidentally some messages on my phpbb boards that use mysql underneath for database, is there anyway i can roll back these queries and get back my messages?

Those messages are now very important, the police is asking for them, since they were someone1 posting some personal info in public, that i had to delete (and i did) but by mistake i didnt fully back up it first.

is there any way?

haven't touched a thing ever since. there are cache in phpbb i guess. but i dont know how to solve this mess!
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Not unless you have binary logging turned on.
fad have them going back to hen those posts were made (just to be clear).
Depending on access to your site and the pragma directives in use, you might be able to use the

Do you have any backups prior to the delete? Do you have an offline/replication DB server? You might have a copy on a development platform.
celticianAuthor Commented:
Where do i check if binary is turned on?

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Binary logging is set in /etc/my.cnf
Bin-log directive
Look in /var/lib/mysql you would have .bin files.

What was the timeframe between the post and the deletion?

For future practice, I would think the PHPBB has the option of marking the post such that it will not display rather than having to be deleted out right.
celticianAuthor Commented:
This is shared hosting, i dont have access to such folders, only to the phpbb folders
Ask your hosting company for the logs.
Check with the hosting company if they have a backup.
do you have phpmyadmin or any other tool that allows you to adminiter the mysql?
run show variables query and look for log-bin

show variables where variable_name=log-bin;
see if it is set to ON.
celticianAuthor Commented:
I do have mysql admin option (phpmyadmin), however my hosting company does not have a back up. Where can i check such thing on phpmyadmin?
In phpmyadmin you have the option to back the data to your local system.
But this is what you would have to implement for future, along with checking whether the PHPBB has a column that indicates the record is deleted and should not be displayed.

Based on the information, the record is done and gone.
I'd agree. It sounds like the record's gone. Unfortunately, that's sort of the intention of the way databases handle deletes. It doesn't have safeguards in place unless you turn them on because every safeguard will reduce performance.

If it's significant enough for the police for some case, they could potentially get the physical hardware from the hosting company and run forensics on it to try and recover data, but that's very unlikely to happen, and the chances dramatically decrease over time as new data is written to the drives.

At this point, you can learn from this experience and make regular backups. My guess is that you're on a cPanel-based system, so you should be able to set up a cron job to create daily or hourly snapshots of the database.

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celticianAuthor Commented:
I dont think the police will do such thing as the case is so minor (some insults ind a board and a phone number published...) thanks anyway! i couldn't get the log back, anyway hte police hasn't contacted me yet and i was able to get the IP elseway as this moron posted more and more posts with the same thing from the same IP...
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